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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by anando, 2013-08-10.

  1. Hello, I was trolling about in the Arma editor just to try all the weapons in DayZero and i couldnt help to notice the ak107, I already remember that it was in dayzero before but it got removed when the new helicrashes was added I think.

    However the main reason I want this gun added is because I would like a modern Russian AK that competes with the different M4 variants that you can find in the barracks, because right now it feels like everyone is running around with a m4 variant and since we are in Chernarus i think there should be some more modernized AK variants to balance it out

    I know that there already is AK74,Ak47,AK103 with diffrent sights etc in DayZero but if you go into the editor and try out the ak107 you will see that that is the only AK variant that really can compete with the M4's just by comparing the rate of fire, stopping power and recoil.

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  2. Kenert

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    I love the AK107 series. Its high rate of fire is quite useful.
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  3. I am a really big fan of the AKs (ak 74 not so much). And I also remember it getting removed from dayzero. Would be awesome to try it out again :)
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  4. I do agree, all the AKs seem similar atm would be nice with some more variaty!
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  5. devildoll

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    this sounds like a good idea, and if i remember correctly the ak107 comes in loads of different mods ( SBR, pso scope, gp25 grenade addon ETC ETC)

    Just in general i would love to see more east block (russian) weapons added into chernarus especially modern ones and since they already added the weapon packs to dayzero all they have to do is add a loot spot, now i know that could be abit of work but they are the best developers in the buissness right? :cool:
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