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Discussion in 'General' started by Ron Swanson, 2013-08-05.

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  1. Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson Give me all the bacon you have. Leaderboard Administrator


    So we've taken the liberty to build our own launcher and updater for DayZero. We've done this for several reasons;
    1. Allows us to control what version of beta is the "newest".
    2. Allows us to get our updates out faster
    3. Makes it easier for you to get your GUID as well as patch the mod and beta.
    4. Make it easier to manage two separate mods (Chernarus and Podagorsk)
    5. Make it possible to only update changes instead of downloading the entire mod every time.
    You will probably find it looking awfully familiar, because we've built it by stripping the DayZ Commander Open Source project to what we needed. So thanks to DotJosh for creating DayZ Commander and for (initially) making the project available Open Source. Also thanks to nahkiss for doing the stripping down of the project.

    • Torrent-based updating for increased speed (don't worry, we still host HTTP files which are also part of the torrent-download)
    • Ability to see your GUID from the launcher.
    • Automatic-password entry (No longer need to type in passwords when launching the game through our launcher)
    • Beta patch updating
    • Automatic file-integrity checker --- So if your files fuck up, it will automatic fix them.
    • Automatic mod-detection for Podagorsk and Chernarus (To launch with the correct mod)
    • Delta-patching (Ability to only download changed/new files on updates)
    PS: We ran the installer through a virusscan just to see what to expect from you guys, and it did on one occasion think it was malware. It's obviously not. We don't scan your computer or anything fishy like that, so don't worry. You'll just have to trust us ;-)


    If you have any ideas or experience problems with it, feel free to tell me in this thread.

    To prepare for the Podagorsk release, we're changing the file structure of the mod, so you'll now have a @DayZero folder and a @DayZeroChernarus folder. If you use this launcher you won't even have to worry, but if you insist on using whatever way you use to launch your mod, you'll need to alter it to use both @DayZeroChernarus and @DayZero when launching for the Chernarus mod. We've told DayZ Commander to change the way they launch the mod so that it works, but until they do that you might experience some issues with DayZ Commander.


    • [FIXED] Fixed bug that caused error "PBO files in use" when launching
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck on "Fixing files" or "Checking Files.
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused updater to not be able to update properly (Fixes "wrong signature"-bug)
    • [NEW] Added information to the launcher-popup to clarify what's happening
    • [NEW] Launcher now only downloads changes.
    • [CHANGED] Disabled upload when not downloading.
    • [NEW] Steam support
    • [NEW] Filter list by location (EU, US, AU)
    • [NEW] Automatic updating of the launcher
    • [NEW] Launch game without joining a server
    • [NEW] News-ticker for important news such as maintenance.
    • [NEW] BMRF and logos which link to websites.
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the launcher to crash on misconfigured-serverlists.
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that made the fixing-popup show a download-rate of b/s rather than kb/s.
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused uncapitalized-addons folders to have all their data deleted when opening the launcher.
    • [CHANGED] The game should always launch as administrator.
    • [CHANGED] New splashscreen
    • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused version number for DayZero 1.0 to not properly load.
    • [CHANGED] Changed the launcher to not delete nochat files when verifying files.
    • [CHANGED] Cosmetic changes to the announcement message.
    1) I'm getting wrong signature/unsigned files when I try to join after updating..
    UPDATE: With the latest version of the launcher, this should no longer happen.

    2) My Arma 2 beta patch is wrong?
    - You used to use another launcher which did things oddly. Copy the arma2oa.exe from arma2oafolder/expansion/beta to the arma2oa folder.

    3) I keep getting "Launcher is fixing files" or "Launcher is checking files" when I try to launch the game
    UPDATE: With the latest version of the launcher, this should no longer happen.

    4) I get a "PBO FILE IN USE" or simliiar after updating when I try to launch.
    UPDATE: With the latest version of the launcher, this should no longer happen.

    5) Why are there two folders? What's @DayZeroChernarus?
    - In preparation for Podagorsk, we've changed it so the shared files between Podagorsk and Chernarus are in @DayZero, and the map-specific files are in @DayZeroChernarus and @DayZeroPodagorsk (When we release podagorsk, that is)

    6) How do I launch without DayZero Launcher?
    - The problem is that with the new structure explained in question 5, we have to launch two mods instead of one. DayZ Commander and SIX does not support this (yet). DayZ Commander should be updated soon enough, but we can't say when. SIX probably won't. If you load your game in a different manner, the trick is to have your -mod parameter like this:
    [email protected];[email protected]

    7) My launcher opens in the taskbar but the window does not appear.
    - This is because it's opening outside your screen for weird reasons. To fix it go to this folder:
    C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\DayZeroLauncher and open settings.xml.
    find <Left>SOME NUMBER</Left><Top>SOME NUMBER</Top> and set both to 0. Save and open Launcher. Enjoy.
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  2. Nice!
  3. It claims 0995 is old :-(
  4. All servers being reset for in 10 min
  5. Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson Give me all the bacon you have. Leaderboard Administrator

    Yup. 9.6 Out in the next 30 minutes.
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  6. Because they are updating the server too
  7. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    Is there a wipe inbound as well?
  8. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    :) Nice!
  9. Pulven

    Pulven Epoch Baby!

  10. Blocked by Smartscreen in Win8
  11. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

    I see there's no "make it work with Steam" option? ;<

    How long 'till the update is going to be on DayZ Commander?
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  12. AdeptBiborana

    AdeptBiborana Shipwrecked

    For some reason its says that i have wrong cd key. And i don't really see where can you change it.
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  13. VintageCake

    VintageCake Cupcake

    it appears some slight things may or may not be a tiny bit broken, i do approve of the no password req. though.
  14. medley

    medley Survivor Leaderboard

    Does it support steam? Kind of a deal breaker for me
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  15. Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson Give me all the bacon you have. Leaderboard Administrator

    We removed it because it's basically a wrong way of launching the game and you'll get errors because of it.

    It'll probably take a little, since DayZ Commander needs to update how the game launches, rather than just putting up a new download.
  16. it crashes as soon as i want to start it :-(


    sry that it is on german but youll get the important stuff, i hope :-D
  17. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    You shoulden't be using the "Use with steam" option in DayZ commander anyways, as it will break stuff and cause you errors.
    The proper way of doing it is adding the beta .exe as a non-steam game... There's tutorials for doing that.
  18. A Downey

    A Downey Shipwrecked

    Nice idea, shame everyone is currently downloading it so its taking an age.....
  19. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

    The only errors that I know of that has ever happend to me using the "launch with steam" function is that the steam overlay crashes, but it happens rarely.
    So maybe it's dependant on the person?
  20. Wait for the official thread to be updated, use Google link, download it with full speed.
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