stockholm - anyone wanna buy me a beer?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Satiris, 2013-08-01.

  1. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    I'm a polish fellow alone here, on lidingo part of stockholm for 2 weeks, anyone wanna grab a bear, yhrm, beer? let me know! i don't know the city, I've got gps in my phone so perhaps ill find the place you wanna meet at, I will not drive the car as there are no places to park and i hate driving in this city.

    preferably alpha members if there are any who want to meet up

    PS, I paid nearly 100 SEK for a single meal, what the fuck!? I can have 10 meals for that in poland.

    im gonna install teamspeak on this laptop when i have some time and contact my clan as several of them are in stockholm (alpha), but if you see this topic and wanna drink a beer together, make sure you pm me!
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  2. RedT3rror

    RedT3rror Survivor

    Try to buy liquor :-D
  3. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Yeah, everything here has insane prices, well, stockholm is not that bad, up north of sweden in Overkalix was much worse.
    God damn bread 20+ SEK, I get bread for 4 SEK in Poland, all alcohol prices insane.
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  4. hehe, 100sek is cheap for a meal if you come from Norway ;P
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  5. Holdt

    Holdt Hero

    Just came home from Gdynia, poland about a week ago, and yeah, it's really cheap with food and alcohol there!
    I would love to share a beer with ya but I'm a 4 hour drive away (Borås)

    Btw, Gdynia/sopot/gdansk is really a lovely (tri)city.
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  6. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Yeah, I do agree, I've got family living there, so I've been there for a few months, lovely cities. Sopot - party / Gdańsk - work / Gdynia -home ^^.
    Too bad you can't come, I'd teach you how to talk in Polish if you came by, but I do understand that 4 hour drive in one way can be a problem ;p

    I've got work, thanks to my mate in stockholm tomorrow, just for a few days when I'm here to get some green cabbage. Gentlemen don't talk about money, but I'm no gentleman - I get 100 SEK per an hour of work, I guess that's a fair deal.
  7. Ohrstrom

    Ohrstrom Moderator Leaderboard Forum Moderator

    Sorry for OT Satiris but woop woop for Borås! However if you ever have your ways through Borås just tell me and I'll join in on a beer, but yeah I wont be driving for 4 hours to wake up in stockholm with a hangover to then drive 4 hours back.. ;-)
  8. Kai#

    Kai# Scavenger Leaderboard

    Made my Day! German beer is the best!!
    "anyone wanna buy me a beer?"
  9. Tob

    Tob High Roller Leaderboard

    What kind of meal did you have? My dad's birthday was a couple days ago, we celebrated it in Oslo (Norway) with dinner, and it cost about 2000 NOK (approximately 2200 SEK). That's normal here if you want to go out and have dinner with 4+ people in a not too shabby of a place.
  10. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Roasted chicken with rice and some salad.
    For 2000SEK+ I can buy a whole party in a hotel for 20 people, with 3 different meals, and strippers.
    Just saying.
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  11. And cocaine. Don't forget cocaine.
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  12. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Haha my man, I've been to poland a couple of times, and I am considering moving there if I can land a swedish paycheck working from home.
    Not just for the prices, but everything in poland is awesome.
    From the food to the lunchtime shots of vodka, and the way the real polish womens noses points a little bit upwards, like a mouse. So hot.

    I was in Stockholm about a week ago, and I'll be there at the end of the month - going to miss your visit by 2 weeks :-[
    Best of luck on the beerquest bro.

    PS: If money is tight, I'll pay for your trip to sopot next summer, and we can go drinking and watch strippers together.
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  13. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    haha, nah man, it's cool, I can afford a trip to sopot, no problem, looking forward to the next summer then!
    Polish girls like men from abroad, so finding one that suits you shouldn't be too hard ;p
    (considering 98% of them are super models and stuff)

    I'm afraid the beer quest has failed this year for numerous reasons (people don't like me perhaps or they think I'm a polish thief :-D). I'm leaving stockholm and flying back to Poland in 3 days, and I've got some things to take care of. Better luck next year, lololo.
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  14. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    O M G ! Wild boys! :cool:
  15. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Yes, in Poland we have wilderness and polar bears and stuff like that.
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  16. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    So what are you if not a polish thief? :p
  17. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    polish white wild boy, and a survival-of-the-fittest survivor.
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