Can a man change?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Kolnesen, 2013-08-01.

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  1. [ Please, stick to the subject and communicate at a polite level, I dont want to hand out more warnings. - Teskuz ]
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  2. Teskuz

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    Ok, this thread was not removed because I was hoping for a serious debate and I want Kolnesen to have the right to speak his mind in this matter. However, if this thread keeps going out of hand I see no other way out but to remove the thread, I'm not going to spend my night giving out warnings.

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  3. Skoonting

    Skoonting Scavenger

    Well, I am his friend in real life, and he was trying to hack on Dayz Panthera on a other computer, and failed at it. And he was going to do it because we encountered a hacker which was nice and joked around and gave stuff to people. But he didn't manage it so he was global banned. I'm no hacker and I've given him shit for it, but seriously, he created a whole new steam user, and bought the game again just to play your mod. And then when he found out it didn't work, he proceded to offer you money to play, and you reject him. What the hell, does he have to suck your d*ck or something?
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  4. We make no exceptions so there's no sucking required. There's other mods he can play.
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  5. Lucker

    Lucker Shipwrecked

    I really like the idea about Kolnesen getting a chance to speak with the admins over teamspeake, that way he can explain himself in a different way then then writting. Then it is up to the admins to judge him. All I would like is a fair chance for Kolnesen. Honestly I don't think he got to do that in this thread. People commented stuff that had nothing to do with Kolnesen's situation. After all, an admin had to remove a lot of comments. Sorry for my bad English.
  6. Silesky

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    End of the day he is banned for hacker (previously, but still hacked), and admitted to hacking previously. It doesn't matter whether or not he could privately speak with the admins. There is a no hacker policy, current of ex, so I'm sorry but this is case closed and job done.
    You asked if a man could change? Well you have to spend some time thinking about that question and come back to this community when standalone comes out. I, and hopefully other community members, are hoping for Tansien and co. to run a few standalone servers. Sorry that you cannot play the best mod out there but you must face your previous actions.

    Good luck!
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  7. Skoonting

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  8. Silesky

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  9. hahahaha, epic winner. xD

  10. and you believe everything he says because? The fact that he even tried is enough for him to be considered a hacker and shouldn't be allowed to play here.
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  11. force508

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    A kid steals candy from a store, he gets caught, they call his parents and he gets yelled on, the kid gets picked up by his enraged parents and they yell at him for stealing from the candy store.

    What does the kid do?
    He gets a memory for life and knows that it's bad to steal and it's not actually worth it. He then later on gets his week money stuff from his parents and he goes to the store and buys the candy instead.
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  12. Explain to me how you 100% know he wasn't hacking last week, or even yesterday on other servers.. Maybe if he is allowed to play DayZero again he will never hack.. but what if if comes back and hacks, how is that fair for the legitimate players? he can't be trusted and neither can anybody else who has cheated in this game.

  13. I'm not for unbanning the hacker. But reading your posts made me want to reply. You're a confirmed stream sniper Brooksie, but they trust you not to be stream sniping again. Maybe you did it again yesterday, or last week. A hacker using some kind of locate-other-players-hack and stream snipers are pretty much the same at the end of the day (I'm not saying he didn't use godmode or whatever). What is the difference between the word of a "once a hacker" and "once a stream sniper"? You earlier mentioned that the guy at least had a chance to kill you, perhaps not all hackers are using godmode/invincibility.
  14. People don't change.
  15. NuclearAdmiral

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    Im going to lock this thread, nothing good will come out of it as we are talking about a Global ban on a player..
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