Can a man change?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Kolnesen, 2013-08-01.

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  1. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    Thanks for the support, but i havent donated :/
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  2. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    lol i dont see enough philoshophical stuff above plato and i read the whole thread thats why i said about the lock. I believe people can change yea but this matter its on the admins hands only atm and almost everything is already said. Dont guess things about people , stop insulting in the first place and try be less arrogant without any serius reason big philoshopher...
  3. xSudden

    xSudden Hero

    sorry wasnt me making this philosophical but thx 4 calling me plato ;-)
    and sorry for calling you deputy sherrif. i shall never call someone deputy sherrif who considers himself an outlaw (maybe a real 1%er?)

    and yes, like i said, its up the admins to decide. but still shall everyone be able to share his or her opinion, even if its the complete opposite of the admins opinion. some might find it boring, other find it interesting.
    lets stop nick nacking and focus..focus...FOCUS
  4. RedT3rror

    RedT3rror Survivor

    You can´t compare the internet with the real life in such matters. If you mess up a game in real life, you feel guilty, you see the emotions of your players and you fear their reactions. Thats completely different in an online game. Thats the reason why they even have the courage to hack and that´s why they have to be punished hard as possible.
  5. The same goes for you, Brooksie. As far as I'm concerned, you were a confirmed streamsniper. You tried to streamsnipe. According to this incredibly stupid and totalitarian logic, you've done it once, you'll do it again, so you should be permanently banned, right?

    Now this comment is relevant.

    What an intelligent post! Why don't you say the same to Brooksie and DeltaRyan? They confront Kolnesen, like xSudden said, who is talking to them in a neutral respectful way with a disrespectful attitude. Make sure you know what "arrogant" means. There's 0% of arrogance in xSudden's post. Don't put people down for expressing their own opinion as if it's absurd just to express it.

    @Kolnesen. I truly appreciate your time and effort. If you have written everything yourself and didn't lie, you must be a smart, polite and really patient person. Some people have insulted you, but you don't treat them the same way. Anyway, if you ask me, I would give you a second (and the last) chance. People grow, learn from their mistakes and become (more) mature.

  6. Arzcy

    Arzcy Survivor Leaderboard

    oh... ok.. Then pls ban.
    Jk, I just thought your name was blue but still is true.

  7. Wasn't technically a stream snipe. i got banned for the attitude i had against the streamer. i have also apologised to Tansien himself & PSI.

    + it happened before the rule came. i've served my punishment so no, i shouldn't be permabanned.

    You wasn't even around when it happened lol.
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  8. You weren't even around when Kolnesen was cheating (hacking) :-D . Everyone makes mistakes. What I'm trying to say is that you have been forgiven, but you don't want Kolnesen to be forgiven, though he was punished and he realised the consequences of his "experiment". This man seems to be sorry for what he has done. If he cheats again, he will be permanently banned. DayZero has BattleEye enabled, a custom anti-cheat, tools for tracking players and a team of professional developers. I highly doubt that he will manage to bypass everything and even if he does, sooner or later it will be found out.
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  9. Arzcy

    Arzcy Survivor Leaderboard

    Yeah, that attitude, hower it's similar, you stream sniped, got banned, convinced them you changed, and got back. Now why can't he convince that he has changed?
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  10. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    The only thing there is that streamsniping isn't actually classified as a permabannable offense when done for the first time, AND he did it before it was forbidden. As for what comes to OP, it is clearly stated that if you have been banned previously, you are not allowed to play here. There indeed is a small difference there ;-).
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  11. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    OH yes it is intelligent! Why i dont say anything to brooksie and deltaryan...? Hmm maybe because they didnt said anything ironic to me ? Or maybe because im not Kolnesen lawyer...? Think about that...
    I know what arrogance means beam and xSudden post towards me was bad not reaaaally bad, but bad. Anyway its not big deal, i just met him before in game and he gave me a bloodbag. Everything is ok now!
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  12. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    a man can change, it's just cheaters are no men.
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  13. This guy just offered me money to remove his ban. o_O
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  14. Kolnesen

    Kolnesen Shipwrecked

    That is because, I want to keep playing on your mod!
  15. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Mate, give up.
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  16. Kolnesen

    Kolnesen Shipwrecked

    I didn't destroy for anyone. My plan, was to go around to everyone on the Panthera server and give them those little boxes. :p
  17. Kolnesen

    Kolnesen Shipwrecked

    [ humongous forum-destroying image removed. please don't be silly. - mods ]
  18. RedT3rror

    RedT3rror Survivor

    It´s still cheating: It´s not supposed to happen, It´s unfair, It uses the same mechanics as killing everyone... and to distinguish between a legit player and a cheater is already hard enough... there is no need to decide between good and bad cheaters. Once they were banned permanently from their favourite server, they will think about their actings next time. The major reason why I joined these servers almost 1 year ago is the fact that I´ve never met any cheaters on this server (ofc there were cheaters but I did not meet any or fell victim to them). You should just accept the fact that you will never be unbanned on these servers.
  19. Kolnesen

    Kolnesen Shipwrecked

    okay ;(

    [ humongous forum-destroying image removed. please don't be silly. - mods ]
  20. Kolnesen

    Kolnesen Shipwrecked

    Sorry, will use smaller photos next time.
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