Need some advice on pc or laptop purchase

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Eden, 2013-07-28.

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    Kinda expected someone to say that, and basically I only based it on personal experiences.
    I've had both AMD and NVidia cards and right now I have a 7950 OCd and it performs great in benchmarks and I don't have any FPS issues this far.

    However it lacks physX ofc which is a really neat feature in some games.
    My opinion is simply that if you're a gamer then go for NVidia even though you get a bit more bang for the buck when it comes to radeon.

    Overall the GTX 7-series are a bit more adapted to gaming than the HD7x series. Although both works just fine when it comes to gaming, I've had some problems in LoL with stuttering (resolved, vsync did the trick) and some white particles in arma 2, I'm sure the NVidia cards doesn't work completely flawless for everyone either but my experience with radeon is simply worse than with NVidia. It's a personal opinion and not based on any sc "facts".
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    How many games support physX and what real advantage do you gain with it? Some extra features like waving flags and that's mostly it.

    I've been selling PCs and components for a long time and there is no winner here. I ask my customers for the budget and what games they mostly play, so I base my decision on that.

    I do have one problem with nVidia: rebranding.
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    I was stupid and put a lot of money into a laptop to be able to game with it. Now, a year later, I regret that decision so much. Have a wishlist ready for a desktop, just need the funds for it...
  4. Yessire, a good desktop comuputer is the way to go if you want performance for youre dollar....always
  5. Bahahahaha. "Rebranding"
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    If you want a free PC that will handle dayZ you can look in the electronic trash, thats wer I found the parts for my free computer. Just take parts from different computers and build a good free PC. Spending money on electronics is not funny
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