Well played NWA!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by FAKKAP, 2012-08-19.


    FAKKAP Scavenger

    Fun fights with the choppers.
    Unfortunately we deciced to follow a bus and we ran out of ammo :-D
    Great times, looking forward for more!
  2. GG! Great fun! 18 bullets left when you went down ;D Im glad we didnt find a bus to shoot at ;D
  3. GG. I got it on fraps, can upload so you guys can see it from our POV.
    Did you record?

    FAKKAP Scavenger

    Ah, daaaaaaaaang. We were going to fly around until your bullets ended, unfortunately we didnt succeed.. :p
    We didnt fraps it, we were 5 men short and our frapsguy was offline :) Upload! :-D
  5. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    Not this one, our pilot, who also fraps, had to go, so we only got the first encounter frapsd.

    But it was intense.
  6. Will upload it later tonight, will post it in this thread
  7. Tansien, if you see this, chopper might spawn in the forest after restart, you should probably move it, wont be able to take off from there ;D
  8. Or just remove it and let it respawn somewhere else!

    FAKKAP Scavenger

    Sucks we didnt have our mainpilot, and the guy that were flying was his first time in DayZ, and he only flies with his keyboard so cant flip it forward enough for highspeed..
    Well played anyways, hope to see you around soon again.
  10. We┬┤ll see eachother again, dont worry :-D
  11. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    lol, i don't think it should though. If the code works as it SHOULD, it'll respawns somewhere you can take off from.
  12. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    Whoever got shot in Elektro by u guys, I'm sorry, situation was slight chaotical. I really meant when I said I wasn't gonna shoot u, and I did try to give u that morphine :-(
  13. Follow a bus in eastern coast, who ran away to inland and got stopped by you, then you dropped 2 guys to take it and they got killed? You monsters have a heli and you try to take our bus, no fun!
  14. SteveSmith

    SteveSmith Shipwrecked

    Yeah.. who was the guy who killed us and where did he come from?
  15. haha it was me :) but i didnt expect to get the morphine but thanks! will remeber that !
  16. SteveSmith I was the guy who killed you when you landed your scavenger + sniper from heli, I was the one driving the bus aswell, when you shot the bus down and started to land I rushed away from the bus to the nearby woods and circled to your back :b my friend was afk in the bus, and came back when your guy was next to the bus first time.

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