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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by soju, 2012-09-23.


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  1. soju

    soju Hero

    As we all know, rocket is putting all his energy on working with the standalone (or dogs lulz), which is a bad thing for the mod, but good in the long run! Therefore if Tansien has the motivation and the time to do more of his own things (as alt+f4 script and choppers, which I think we all can agree on is a super good thing!)

    Then what should be done? The map Prodarosk (don't mind my spelling) is on its way and I just have this great feeling about it, being able to do new things, see new things instead of seeing NWAF, Stary and cherno etc.

    But since we are playing DayZ, a half finished product we should consider to change more and add / remove things, small changes like the exploit of being able to see if there are players nearby by seeing spawns at a certain range, small annoying things that if simply tweaked it would make the game so much better.

    A list of my suggestions is:
    • The range of zombies spawning - Make the range greater, and if this makes the server to lag more because of more load - Balancing it with less zombies. The range of 400-500 should be enough instead of 150-250. 400-500 and above isn't easy to judge compared to 150-250.
    • Nighttime, I made a thread a quite long time ago about the whole nighttime gameplay. It was mixed feeling about it and Tansien responded with that he might be able to make the streetlights to turn on and of at certain timings. Nothing happened and another thread from somebody came up about making the cycles smaller. Its possible to make the time "jump", but on all servers / mods / mission Ive been playing on where the time "jumps", its been laggy / freezing for a good 10-15 seconds and the servers in general has been laggy. What could be done is have that when the server restarts - the time changes. But the biggest problem with night time if you ask me is the horrible rain. If the weather is at it best something like this could be achievable (although its a desert map, I have no idea how that impacts the light at the night).
      The night should also start somewhere around 11 pm - 1 am GMT +2, so it would be the gameplay at the weekends that would be effected the most.
    • More cars, more guns, more of everything to make a more dynamic and a unpredictable world, because we have done it all. Everybody has found every tool, every gun, all the cars and flown helis, the more content there is the better, we don't get that super "nice" feeling when we find a M107 or M4A1 holo anymore. (I am aware of that helis where changed and it is a nice step towards the right direction, thanks Tansien!) The crashsites are nice, but rare (which is a good thing!) so my suggestion is to put in more guns into the military loot (no OP guns ofc). Guns like the M8 and G36 that has the same caliber as the M4/M16 and uses STANAG could be added, but make them rare, the M4A3_CCO_EP1 is a 0.19 %, the new guns could then have something around 0.14 - 0.189 % (or even the same). Even a RPG - 7 could be added, its kinda hard to use becouse of it scope(if youre not used to it) and its not as good as the M136
    • Clothes, got the idea when a saw the thread about Soldier clothing. What about adding a bandit skin that you have to find (why find it? Since its going give some more camo then the starter which would make it op). To balance it with the already existing clothes they could become rare or moved from residential to military. Should it be the German arma 2 skin? - No, what are you.. Crazy? My suggestion is something more like this: http://www.arma2.com/images/stories/arma2factions/napa-soldier.png and http://www.arma2.com/images/stories/arma2factions/chdkz-sniper.png
      These skins could be easy to find in cherno / elektro(since they would be easy to get in real life compared to the ghille everybody in cherno seems to have in their closet) and the other skins like camo / ghille can only be found in the north. The only problem with this is that we would most likely need to download this and mod the mod (yo dawg)
    These changes are just the first that came into my mind, I might add some more suggestions. Some of these suggestions might have been suggested before, if so, my bad. We shouldn't be afraid of changes, if we where to give nighttime a try for example, if we don't like it, role it back. Nothing is permanent.
    And please dont mind my spelling and grammar, english is my second language!
    And last of all, thanks once again Tansien for your great servers and that you actually care about the community!
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  2. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard


    Zombie spawns definitely need to be increased as it's too easy to see if somebody is in an area and therefore skip it completely or camp for them to arrive.
    As for nighttime this needs to be addressed. IMO it needs to be GMT +2 as waking up at say 10am GMT +1 and trying to play at in game time of 2/3am is horrible and almost unplayable unless you want to become a beacon or have the super rare NVG's which sadly not many people do.
  3. Lots of neat stuff I'd love to see!
    Night / Daytime changes, more clothings etc!

    Holla Tansien!
    I'm going to have to disagree here. Sure, we've all found that kind of loot on public servers, but here, I find I have a much greater appreciation of the loot I find. The other day I acquired some rangefinders, and I was literally over the moon about it. I played DayZ on public servers since May, so on there, that kind of gear is worthless. Any trip to Elektro hill or the outer lying areas of the map would give me 100 sets of every weapon, tool and consumable that the game has. But if anything, these servers need less, not more. Stuff is rare, but not rare enough. Adding more of essentially the same weapon (as you said, G36 is near identical to M4) is a silly thing to do. Instead, we need to make what we already have, rarer. Cut the chopper crashes down in half (although actually adding the ammo for the special weapons at those crashes to the military loot tables, could make them more usable), lower the chances of really high-end gear spawning in firestations and military tents, etc. The more valuable your kit is, the higher the stakes are when you fight. And by making shit rare, it increases the value.
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  4. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    My only suggestion would be to reduce the incidence of DMRs. They are basically the pinnacle weapon atm, there's at least 1-2 active in every engagement. Now obviously they share the same sound file as CZ and M14 so there's a strong argument that they are not that common, but, in practice you just see far too many of them in the field.

    In the 'real world' there's like 1 of these to what 12-20 troops? I expect there's no easy way of limiting the number of each weapon/server so perhaps decrease the spawn % of these? I hear they even spawn in the firestations in electro etc?
  5. soju

    soju Hero

    What I meant with the more-guns-part was not to give us more/easier ways to acquire endgame loot. Having more guns, but with lowered spawn rate, will give us a bigger selection of guns that will fit a different scenarios, but also another tier. Right now we have 3 tiers.
    First tier is the einfield / winchester /. These guns are somewhat equally easy to find.
    Second tier is AKM / M16 / AK 74.
    Last tier DMR, M14, M107, M4A3 CCO.
    This is my "personal" opinion about the tiers, I might aswell be wrong, but you get the drift.

    Adding a fourth tier / altering those we have now, with some new assault rifles / moving from tier to another tier, would bring out a "new" and a fresh feeling about the game. Because right now, if I die and loose my character , it would take me 4-7 hours to get back on track (back on track? - Getting all the survival gear and a M14 / DMR). So this fourth tier wont make it easier, it will make it harder. Why? - because dayz in general is about getting the biggest gun, not zombies or survival anymore. The one with the biggest stick will win the fight nine times out of ten. (some times the underdog einfield gets lucky)
    I don't really see the problem with adding a gun that is close to an already existing gun. The AK - 107 is just a modern version of the AK 74, uses the same ammo but with a greater firerate. The G36 and the M4 isn't identical, I don't know if you have been playing "normal" arma 2, but I know when im shooting the G36 and the M4. The recoil, the firerate, and the damage is different. Its just a number the is the same, 5.56x45.
    And I see now that I forgot about one of my suggestions which you brought up! The coast with all the firestations and military loot is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay op right now. Finding DMRs, M24 and M14 down there kinda ruins my day. Respawning and looking for gear and going for the risky regions as stary / nwaf is the greatest things with this game, but being able to find everything at coast ruins the feeling. Therefore the good stuff should be exclusively for the north.
    So what I meant in general was to give us more endgame, and at the same time bring in some content, since everything in the game has been done. Twice. And not give a easier game.
    And sorry for adding things to the suggestion, but if we dicuss ideas / suggestions / adding, we will come up with the best idea for the better experience.

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  6. Plenty of good points have already been raised, so I'll just add my 2 cents.
    Rarity is a good thing, but so is versatility. The new crash sites are a step to the right direction, but adding ammo for the rare new guns to barracs and military tents would be good.
    More clothing options sounds good as well - with them in game, ghillies could be added almost solely to chopper crash sites, for example since at the moment they are way too common. Here are some in-game models that could be used, just to give you the general idea:

    Zombies could also be more varied: http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/images/iff_inf_civilians_tmb.jpg

    And as for rare military loot, keeping Balota camp as the sole spawn for them in the South would make things more interesting. Other than that finding Remingtons and Glocks from firestations would make much more sense than stumbling upon DMRs.

    And finally my personal grievance - why on Earth you cannot currently find hunting rifles from deer stands :rolleyes:
    Here's what I'd change in this regard:

    Make stands to spawn stuff like Enfields, Winchesters, shotguns and CZ550s and use hunter zombies to guard them.
    Meanwhile, add a new variable called roadblock - some barbed fire, tank traps and sandbags, a destroyed military vehicle and military zombies. Add the current deer stand loot tables to spawn to this stuff.
    Make their spawn locations random. There you go, the precious loot maps that I personally despise are now more useless, military-grade gear is more rare but still around, and players are encouraged to explore the map instead of just running around between known locations.
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  7. I've said that a few times as well, the new weapons really need their ammo adding to the other loot spawns, they're just not usable now.

    Something to be aware of though, is that a lot of these "cool" skins you guys keep posting are from various DLCs that most people don't have.
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  8. soju

    soju Hero

    Nope, it is not. These cool skins are from the normal arma 2 oa, if you dont know what you are talking about, keep out of the discussion.
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  9. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    Hot damn it's getting mighty roasty in here!

    But yeah it doesn't take long to reacquire lost gear anymore. It's so easy to find that it's actually pointless dying because you get everything back within a few hours!
  10. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    Depends on what gear you mean, you might not find a sniper for days and days and days :p And coyotes !
  11. I didn't say they were necessarily ones you've posted, but in terms of ones that people have posted across the forum in general, hence "guys", as opposed to aiming it at you. Maybe you should work on the finer art of literacy and general reading skills, before acting like an asshole.

    I've seen various skins from the British DLC, as well as a few from the Czech one, posted up in these forums. I've also seen suggestions of adding "regular" L85s with SUSAT sight and whatnot, which, having come across them in Lingor, I can verify have terribly low res sights if you lack the DLC. Even the current, default "camo" clothing in DayZ is much lower resolution than it should be, because it's taken from a DLC that most don't own.
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  12. soju

    soju Hero

    Saying something like "a lot of these "cool" skins you guys keep posting are from various DLCs that most people don't have." And claiming it had nothing to do with the content of the thread makes you either a troll or an idiot.
  13. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    Now that is a bit ghey, can't have weapons with low res sights for some but proper sights for those that have 'paid', I thought it was bad enough doing it for the skins but for the sights as well that's just rubbish.
  14. [​IMG]

    This is what the SUSAT (L85 sight) looks like without the DLC. It's by no means unusable, but it's not really ideal. I can imagine that some other sights are potentially a bit worse, but this is the only one I've come across personally, although I didn't personally take this screenshot.

    This is how the camo clothing is supposed to look:


    I believe the Ghillie clothing looks a lot better if you have the DLC as well. It's really a case of choosing clothing from what's available in Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead, unless custom ones can be added.
  15. Hence I posted picks from the base game and addon only. I'd still like to have some comments about my previous remark regarding military loot and deer stands as their current primary source - good, bad, wouldn't work because x?
  16. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    You can find rifles in deer stands. Theres only a 50/50 % chance of any loot spawning in a deer stand at any given moment so for that 50% chance of loot to contain a rifle the chances are slim. I personally have only found assault rifles in deers stands but clan mates have found M24's, DMR's and stuff such as Coyotes so it's all about chance.
    Personally I don't like the idea of a 'roadblock' because it wouldn't be at all difficult or time consuming to actually find the said 'roadblock' if somebody had any type of vehicle. I know that deer stands are super easy to find once you have either played the game for a while or studied a map so here's my counter idea.

    If at all possible make the current number of deer stands spawn at random locations on the edges of woods thus making them harder to locate.
  17. http://www.dayzwiki.com/wiki/Deer_Stand
    Yes, you can find sniper rifles and all other kinds of military-grade stuff, no doubt about that.
    But not CZ550s, Lee-Enfields Winchesters or simpler shotguns which would be more "realistic" IMO.

    And this was the main point, at the moment the sole source of military-grade stuff outside of barracs and airfields in this mod seems little odd for me.

    Yes, I and most others know plenty of deer stand locations by the heart by know. And you made a good and valid counterpoint there, I hadn't thought about the vehicle issue.

    However, my idea still is to make the smaller spawn locations of military goods random. Whether they'd be abandoned roadblocks, small overrun encampments or a few small Stary-styled military encampments that would randomly spawn to some village each restart matters little. I'd be more than happy with random deer stands as well. Just make them appear on random location instead of being fixed, so that people couldn't just look at a map on their second monitor and say "Oh yeah, there is a deer stand 700m east behind that hill, let's go."
  18. racoonman

    racoonman Scavenger

    Instead of increasing range of all zombiespawns cant we just customize the range for specific locations? You can place triggers for spawns anywhere (at least in the Arma2 map editor), so simply put additional triggers at the classic (otherwise out-of-range) camping spots. That way, anyone observing a town or airfield for playerpresence will spawn the zombies themselves.

    For example:
    -the deerstand north of stary sobor will be triggered by player presence on the hills by the military tents. (you can no longer assume a sniper there)
    -player presence at the sniperhill on the southeast corner of NWA will spawn zombies at the hangars.

    +remove peripheral dots ofcourse...

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