Sunday chopper fun!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Berezino, 2012-08-19.

  1. So, Gangland found our chopper. [Shark]Jeez found another one, what he didnt know was that i found it first... AS50 in the back.

    My crew moved up to Krasnostav to fuel it up when BR came from behind and killed me... We sorted that business out pretty quickly. A bunch of other randoms had also found out about it and kept dropping in... Soon the entire crew was in place. right about when Gangland flew over and started trying to take it. By this time we had realized we needed EVERYTHING to get the chopper flying. Every death meant a new chance to find those damn windscreens and engine parts...

    Gangland made an impressive attempt going up to the chopper with NOTHING trying to fuel it up, but the fuel just leaked out and the chopper went down just as fast as they did.

    After restart we finally found the missing engine and windscreen and finally got it flying.

    This is the third time weve been in the same situation, several groups moving in while repairing the chopper... Its intense and fun, not like finding a working chopper on the top of a mountain ;-)
  2. Dog fight over Stary ;-) Gangland vs N.W.A
  3. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    U ran like litte girls after your chopper ate our MG fire, giving away shitloads of smoke. How come you 10 minutes after this fly around like nothing happened?
  4. Beacuse u didn't hit a single shot, bro
  5. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    We frapsed it, you can see the smoke clearly
  6. We tried to find you again, but no luck :-( But now it looked like we hit you ;-)
  7. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    U did, but we're not gonna intentionally use a bug to repair ours.
  8. Haha, "ok" ;-)
  9. N.W.A shot down Ganglands chopper after a dogfight over Elektro ;-) Good game guys ;-)
  10. SteveSmith

    SteveSmith Shipwrecked

  11. Dristigheten

    Dristigheten Scavenger

    I blame Demoxy and his damn keyboard flying :-( :p GG
  12. The last restart did bad things to our chopper, got parked under some trees in a slope. Trying to take off ended as we thought it would ;-) So thats the end of the fun for now ;D
  13. Cass

    Cass Shipwrecked

    That's too bad, so, the choppers will just spawn randomly now?
  14. Did this get frapsed? I would love to see that!
  15. Yes it got frapsed. Will upload asap and post
  16. deetee

    deetee Hero

  17. Awesome! **==
  18. Uploading as we speak. Give me 15 more minutes
  20. Haha, that was great.
    "23 skudd kvar!"

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