Compilation of Streamers That Stream DayZero

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Fake, 2013-07-23.

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  2. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

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  3. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

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    New twitch account because I forgot my e-mail, FML. Join me for a fresh start with less violence & alot more love. thanks
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  6. wesker

    wesker Capri Sun Leaderboard

    what about a lot more violence and love?
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Lost mine too >_>
  9. DaCrazyCageMan

    DaCrazyCageMan Loophole Sniper Leaderboard

    I'm not sure how many people check this, but since I haven't done it yet I thought I may as well post my channel here as I have been streaming DayZero a lot as of recent.
    [English Stream]
  10. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    Started streaming again cause why not. In my stream u can hear alot finnish swearing and running up north so if u dig that u should check my stream
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  11. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    "Some ni**** was camping the komarovo'
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  12. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

  13. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

  14. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

    Gonna try and stream for once tonight. Havent in awhile
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  15. Please also save your past broadcasts, so far the only one doing so is dacrazycageman - ty bro!
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  17. JB2k

    JB2k actually JB4K, whatever. Leaderboard

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