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Discussion in 'Guides' started by aerosolswe, 2012-09-21.

  1. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor


    So lately I've seen alot of posts about turning off 3DP and alot of people like having 3DP as an option since first person is really zoomed in so I thought I make a guide here on these forums so that you don't have to search around for one.

    What is FoV?
    "Phazon88 has created this animated .gif for Battlefield Bad Company 2 which uses the same system as ArmA 2 to set the FoV"

    • 1. Go to My Documents/ArmA 2. Look for a file named username.ArmA2OAProfile, back it up then open it with notepad.
    • 2. Almost deep down in the bottom of the file look for fovTop and fovLeft.
    • 3. Now open this calculator to figure out your FOV values. Don't just enter some random rumbers in your .arma2profile.
    • 4. Enter your screen width and height and let it calculate.
    • 5. Now in the Google search bar enter: "X degrees in radians" without quotes. Where X is the number calculated in the previous step.
    • 6. The number Google calculated for you is the fovTop value, so go ahead and change that. Round off to 2 decimal places to the right.
    • 7. Now grab a calculator or just use the windows one and DIVIDE your new fovTop number by the SECOND number in your monitors Aspect Ratio (like 16:9 so the 9 or 4:3 the 3)
    • 8. Now take the result of step 7 and MULTIPLY that by the first number of your Aspect Ratio(if 16:9 use 16). And again round off the number to 2 decimal places.
    • 9. Enter this value as your new fovLeft value and save the file.
    For the lazy I will make some templates here:
    1920 x 1080 16:9 with 90 fov:
    fovTop: 1.02
    fovLeft: 1.76
    1920 x 1200 16:10 with 90 fov:
    fovTop: 1.13
    fovLeft: 1.80
    1280 x 1024 4:3 with 80 fov:
    fovTop: 1.18
    fovLeft: 1.57
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  2. gizmoff

    gizmoff Shipwrecked

    I would love to get 90-100 FoV but I heard that the sights and sniper zooming doesnt change with the higher FoV and you have to "re-learn" the zeroing.
  3. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    i made some picture just you guys can see the big difference between the default fov and the optimized one.
    Top one is without 3dp, bottom one is with 3dp. fovjpg.jpg
    1920x1080, 16:9

    Although i have at 1920x1080 some other values than in the first post. I checked mine twice :)
  4. Red

    Red Hero

    Just keep in mind that if you change the FOV the mildots on the scopes will be inaccurate.
  5. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    Thats why i don't fiddle with FOV.
    Also since this server has no scrolling rangefinding(which is good) and rangefinders are rare, you have to calculate the distance with mildots.
  6. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    I made some tests on the testrange_map and i found out that on 90 fov with fovtop = 1.03 and fovleft = 1.83 the mil-dots must be multiplied by 1.5
    So when you change your fov i recommend to test your mildot system on the testrange map and find the correct multiplicator. Then you can still hit enemies :)
  7. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor

    Ok thanks guys, I'll add this in
  8. Implayingnude

    Implayingnude Scavenger

    I've changed my FoV awhile ago and noticed that my dots to guns are off just a little when zoomed in. How can I test all the guns to see how badly they're off?
  9. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor

    In arma 2 oa there is armory and you can also download maps from armaholic.
  10. Best way to test this is with the shooting range mission from armaholic
    but I vote for sticky as many will need this should it go to 3p off
  11. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    Big edit: I used fovtop = 1.3 instead of 1.03. 1.03 is better for my system so i tried to recalculate the mil-dot system but with this settings its not easy. I rather tend to make me a small table for 100m, 200m... 1200m. Its easy with the testrange_map
  12. Adris

    Adris The Commando Leaderboard

    I like the sound of this!
  13. AlfieCDZW

    AlfieCDZW Shipwrecked

    Is there a point of having higher FOV? I mainly use a hatchet or basic AK, so would you recommend this? I've seen people like Frankie have higher FOV and it looks pretty nice.
  14. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    It may mess up the mildots on scopes though.
  15. AlfieCDZW

    AlfieCDZW Shipwrecked

    Yeah I heard about that, but tbh I don't even use snipers, I have such a piss poor aim I doubt it'd make a difference, lol.
  16. it messes up the sniper mildots, but u can shoot further, at least with m21-like scopes, with normal fov could hit up to 800 meters using mildots (-5.3 mildots) and with 90 fov i hit up to 1000m (-5.6 mildots), and also fov 90 makes it so easy to shoot someone to up to 600m range with the scope, cuz everything is in between +1 and -1 mildot and the target thats up to ~600m fits in one mildot height so its basically impossible to miss someone

    althought it screws up the whole scope on cz and svd, making their rangefinders useless
  17. Mallrick

    Mallrick Shipwrecked

    I think its kinda lame to adjust the FoV , on the limit of exploitation.
  18. trust me theres more bad to it than good so i wouldnt call it exploiting ;-) messes up ur rangefinders on all rifles including mildot scopes, and also to see something really far is harder with custom higher FoV so yeh more bad than good
  19. VidKo

    VidKo Live and let live! Leaderboard

    You can also add this to first post:
    1680 x 1050 16:10 with 90 fov:
    fovTop: 1.13
    fovLeft: 1.80
  20. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    1920x1080 16:9 with 80 fov

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