[VIDEO] The DRAMA "stream sniping" of Sacriel, Oshi7 and Ngotie!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Petteri, 2013-07-09.

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  1. celld

    celld Iron Warrior Chief of Sarcasm

    Squad firefights..are the best..that are genuine.
  2. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    so did i :-D
  3. celld

    celld Iron Warrior Chief of Sarcasm

    you guys :rolleyes:
  4. bnz

    bnz Always late and usually AFK. Leaderboard

    Anyone else dissing the mod, other players and admins would already be banned or atleast warned. But hey, it's their day job!
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  5. Virus

    Virus Adapt or GTFO Leaderboard

    I think this will be taken care of in one way or another.
  6. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Doubt it tbh mate.
    Not blaming the admins, it's great to have some public people advertising your product. So I'm not blaming you at all, but these guys are some whiny gentlemen (Formal), I mean, fine. Whine if you really get streamsniped, if you have proof.. Don't be like "Oh shit. I just died in the elektro firestation by a streamsniper" NWAF is really populated, + they had a heli.
  7. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    No. They wont. We're not Nazi's, despite peoples views.
    Saying this mod is shit is an opinion and should be taken as one.
    Saying that we're mugs, is kinda hurtful but bearable.
    However we do have a rule against verbal abuse of players in game. Anything said over their stream is fair game and there's nothing we should do about it.
  8. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Unsubbed from Oshi7 and Sacriel. I know they are paranoid about stream sniping, but still pretty childish behaviour.

    I think banning them from the servers wouldn't be a bad move. It's destroying the community and creating alot of unwanted drama.
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  9. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    This isn't going to happen. I'm afraid the community will need to deal with this fact.
    They were playing Legit and they don't hack. There is no point banning people for dissing us or the mod.
    We're not Nazi's.
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  10. invisi0n

    invisi0n Hero

    i know for a fact a normal member of the community would recieve a warning or temp ban for badmouthing admins and the way the servers are run, and i know that because it happened a friend of myn ;-)

    I dont see any reason why sacriel and co should be given preferential treatment, temp ban and warning imo!
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  11. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard


    Never forget. Ever.
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    JOHNBELLO Shipwrecked

    People.. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you all insane?

    I mean, come on!

    Yes, their behavior in that situation was wrong.
    Yes they have no reason to "insult" the admins, this mod or anything since they're simply not right in this case - But we all just have to calm the fuck down now and think about it for a god damn second!
    And yes, i agree that they very often prematurely call "stream sniper" while they cannot even be 1% sure how their opponent was able to hit/kill/whatever them.

    But these guys - The Squad - They did so fucking much for DayZ, for it's community. Survivor Gamez Sacriel had what, 18k viewers?
    They play with an esport attitude, and that might be a bit of a problem sometimes, because it involves some dissing and flaming and in cases of losing even being pissed about everything else except themself.

    Everyone is now literally acting like they are hurting DayZ every day and now got what they deserved or some shit like that, but now they just were wrong - Yeah i agree, they overreacted but i am pretty sure they will apologize for this as soon as they realize that they were wrong.

    You people are calling for civilized discussions but in the same moment you are hammering these guys on a stake and already light the torches.

    This is seriously wrong, and this kind of behavior is what can easily destroy a whole game's community. I am not saying that Sacriel's community is the only one around, but if they would "go down" due to such a witch hunt like this, it would only affect one direction, and that is the game itself, no matter what mod or version.

    So please, for the love of god and too many games and communities that burned down due to overreactions and hasty actions:

    Think about it, confront them - they will most likely apologize and pretty much even change this kind of behavior in the future. And then let us all get the fuck back to playing DayZ and enjoying it while we can.

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  13. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    ^ IMHO they do hurt DayZ and it's community by acting the way they do so I completely understand why people here are mad. We are a pretty tight community after all and it insults everyone of us when some "Big And Famous" streamer comes here, gets killed and then insults the mod, the admins AND the players of the mod.
  14. The problem is, they are saying this shit in front of thousands of people and this of course reflects discredit on the zombies.nu community.
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    JOHNBELLO Shipwrecked

    So you never ever in your life made a mistake?

    Like i said, their type of playing the game is influenced by competetive esport like playing, and everyone who played something competetively at some point knowss how easy it is to blame or insult someone or something else, and realize later that you made a silly mistake - but these are just some words for fucks sake.

    As i said, people have to understand that they definitely won't start a hate campaign against the mod now or whatever, like people do against them now - because they will agree that it was a mistake. And they surely will apologize.

    And some of you are just acting like it's happening 5 times every fucking day. Also it has to be considered that tthese guys are actually stream sniped very very often, so there has to be some kind of understanding of the situation. Again, not trying to excuse their behavior, but just seeing this a little bit less extreme would be a start.

    They also can apologize in front of thousands of people and until they haven't done that and until they don't refuse to because they think they were right, they deserve a little bit of logic in this discussion and not this damn outrage.
  16. invisi0n

    invisi0n Hero

    Well JOHNBELLO it is clear from your post on 25/11/2012 http://zombies.nu/community/threads/2350/ that you are speaking on behalf of sacriel, or maybe you are him.

    Either way get him and oshi to make a forum account here on zombies.nu and post a meaningful apology to petteri and his squad, tansien and the rest of the admins and community here at zombies.nu, as well ask him to explain to his stream viewers that yesterdays behaviour from oshi and him was down to rage from getting outplayed so easily here... despite all their 'e-sports' experience

    and give him this message from invisi0n: "Youre playing with the big boys now son, better put that fucking seatbelt on because things are about to get messy"

    that is all
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    JOHNBELLO Shipwrecked

    Well, sorry but no. I neither know any of them nor am i speaking in their behalf. I am just some random user that is concearned about this ongoing witchhunt and overreaction in this discussion.

    Why on earth would it be "clear" that because i posted some ideas several months ago that i would have liked to be implemented, that i am in any way affiliated to them? Lol.
  18. invisi0n

    invisi0n Hero

    Too late now buddy we're onto you ;-)

    Apology or we dont care
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    JOHNBELLO Shipwrecked

    Cute. This is exactly what i mean. I am some fucking random nothing more.
    Just to make this clear again, i am in no way affiliated or part of, nor do i know any of the people around sacriel. I am someone who likes his content and contributions he made to the DayZ community. That's all.

  20. Please sit down John.

    Everybody knows that Sacriel is a big joke here.

    Sacriel: "oshi...give me a blood bag...IMMEDIATELY!!!"

    Oshi: "y...y...yes Sacriel"

    Sacriel: "prepare to engage mechanized fire-squad"

    Kenny: " :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D"
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