[VIDEO] The DRAMA "stream sniping" of Sacriel, Oshi7 and Ngotie!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Petteri, 2013-07-09.

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  1. where do i call them average? where do i call myself a pro? shut yourself pls
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  2. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    Not at all
    The posts in this topic in general
  3. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard

    Who claimed they're pro wid dem uber skills? Please do englighten me, last time i checked we're not the one using military talk in a game and wearing a fucking ghillie suit while playing. We take dying unlike them, i've streamed DayZero too and died, i don't cry about it on Stream and abuse the mods/admins.
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  4. I understand that as a regular and popular streamer it's very common to be streamsniped. These 3 people stream for a living, meaning that they do this fulltime and rely on the income from the stream and youtube to live.

    However, eventhough streamsniping is incredibly common and shit when it happens to you, it is wrong to automatically assume that they get streamsniped whenever they are killed.

    It's funny to see how they disrespect the mod and the admins, after everything that they've done for the community and made it into what it is now, it's just not right. They wouldn't be streaming the mod if they thought it was shit, right?

    TL;DR: try to not turn this thread into a flame-rage-QQ thread. Just see this as a place where we can all comment on this as a community rather then raging individuals.

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  5. Ravenfoul

    Ravenfoul Shipwrecked

    If I were in their shoes and being legit stream sniped I'd get annoyed over it, but taking your anger out on the people trying to keep the server running smooth is just wrong and misplaced. Can't ban without evidence or at the least confidence, so I really don't get why people can't just be more understanding about that.
  6. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    well, to be fair. sacriel and his squad ARE average players. and most of the good squads on Zombies.nu ARE full of pro players that play many hours a day every day from the mod came out.

    i do respect sacriel, hes one of the youtubers that brought me to this game. and i cant thank him enought for that. but when i see shit like this going on, it makes me loose alot of the respect i have for him, and whish that the ''fame'' didnt fuck his head up to the point where he thinks they cant be killed without it involving some sort of abuse.. :-D
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  7. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    I think they got used to kill unorganized noobs in other servers and they found it a bit difficult to do the same in zombies.nu.
    No need to throw shit to the mod/admins sacriel and crew
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  8. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Oshi7 PoV Around 5:01:12
    Whilst I'm fairly new to the team this did kinda hurt. Thanks Nuke for pointing this out.
    So, while I have this out of my system I can go back to remaining neutral ever since the Psi incident.
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  9. MBmitch

    MBmitch flank or dank Leaderboard

    couldn't agree more
  10. This is really sad.
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  11. I have to ask Psi, how do you; as a professional streamer that has nothing to do with this incident; see all this? What's your oppinion.

    And let me remind everyone that whatever psi says, you show respect and stay civilised whenever you comment on what he says.

  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they do get stream sniped ALOT but when you don't have proof you can't immediately say "Can we get these guys banned?"
    People have put 100's of hours into these server and enjoyed the work of Tansien for a good year now. Hate how someone would want to take that away from someone just based off a feeling with evidence or proof.
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  13. celld

    celld Iron Warrior Chief of Sarcasm

    The funniest part is you in the end was watching his stream, whether thats how you earned the kills or not /facepalm.

    I think the problem is they have had it proven countless times people are stream sniping and so it has ruined the game for them to a certain extent when they have to second guess a lot of things it ruins the experience. Sometimes things in this game do look dodgy even if they aren't, but one thing for sure people do it to them a lot, so tbh I think its unfair to judge either party based on this.
  14. That a fair point, I'm never aware of who is or isn't on my server/mod when I'm playing. Too busy concentrating on playing the game. If I kil someone sometimes I'll check out this forum to see if anyone is talking about whatver gun battle it was but wouldn't think to check streams...
  15. Well I mean I get stream sniped on occasion too, no big deal, it happens when you stream, but I wouldn't call a mod shit like that, especially Zero, which in my opinion is perhaps one of the best mods there is. Anytime I feel I get stream sniped, which isn't THAT regular, even considering I don't use and overlay, I would never blame it on the mod, or even accuse X of stream sniping unless I had definitive proof, which rarely happens.

    I actually like viewers to come over and help me out, so it's a bit different to how Sacriel and whatnot do it, since they want literally no stream viewer interaction what so ever as far as I know.
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  16. MBmitch

    MBmitch flank or dank Leaderboard

    I think it's also the fact that you don't mind stream snipers thats why nobody does it, but Sacriel on the other hand hates it, making people more eager to stream snipe him
  17. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    Also if someone suspects stream sniping, best thing is to come and inform admins about that and we can have a look that if there is a possibility or atleast put that player under our radar so if it keeps happening over and over.. rather than say and do what theese guys did.
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  18. Virus

    Virus Adapt or GTFO Leaderboard

    This. If they didn't react like it is the end of the world, the problem would no longer exist.
  19. celld

    celld Iron Warrior Chief of Sarcasm

    I do think it was wrong to come out and trash talk the mod like that. But yes Psi you want an entirely different interaction than they do, because 99% of people just want to kill sacriel and clan, whilst they want a genuine dayz experience in squad firefights (lets face it they're the best). As I said, there is fault on both sides of this argument from both parties, I won't be judging anyone or anything just from this little drama.
  20. Virus

    Virus Adapt or GTFO Leaderboard

    Removed; Apparently, I can't read.
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