[Video] West side fights

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by And3rsen, 2013-07-07.

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  1. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    Thank you for watching, hope you enjoy it!

    any subs, likes or comments are greatly appreciated. more videos coming :)
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  2. @11:50 , what the fuck was the guy afk ?
  3. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    no idea, i hesitated cuz i thought he was one of us since he took so long ^^. think he was watching the outside of the wall or smth and didnt see me in the corner of his eyes, we had players outside wall that he might have seen and vaited for.
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  4. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    that was from today, editing and uploading takes ages, footage is taken from yesterday.

    we killed guy with Saw and stanag right?
  5. Yeah, deleted the post, my bad.
  6. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    np, btw. tactic with flying with heli on top of enemy players is efficient but fucking annoying as hell. couldnt hear myself think haha :p did i kill the SAW guy with my shotty?
  7. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Some skilled nade there mate. Well played.

    We'll get back at you one day.. ONE DAY!!!
  8. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    not looking forward to it :)
  9. I was the last guy remaining at the chopper crash. Nice try trying to fool me when one guy zig-zags and the other guy shoots. :-D
  10. I was gone, but LOL that Hanness is the first one to die by a headshot
  11. [​IMG]

    On another note, that life I lived 20+ hours.. :-(
  12. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard

    Why are you posting screenshots?
  13. As opposed to video, or what?
  14. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard

    Your screenshots do not relate to the video?
  15. They killed us, and we said we'd get back at them. Screenshot was showing that we did run into them and win this time.
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