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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by quentin, 2013-07-06.

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    Hello Dayz Sur vivors... I have started record with Dxtory. And when im done i start to render it with Sony vegas... my file ends up around 160mb big... ( 30 seconds ) but im not still happy with that. i remember when i use to record 8 years ago counter strike clips and my movies only got 30 mb big... so any tips /tricks / codecs / programs to use to still keep the quality and get the files smaller? Thanks!

  2. Take a look at this, a great video, most people i know/play with use this method, it will give you a few tips/tricks.
  3. 8 years ago you weren't on 1080p.
    A reasonable size is about 100mb a minute for 1080 24p.
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