Zombies.nu TEAMSPEAK server?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by anando, 2013-07-06.

  1. Am I the only one thinking there should be a public teamspeak?

    The main reason I want this is so it could be easier to team up with random people that you meet on the servers, other then that I think it could bring the community closer together
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  2. Fake

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    Yeah and no, wouldn't people use it like sidechat? Just even easier?
  3. Tob

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    Perhaps people could set up their own channels with passwords and stuff? You could also communicate with players on all the servers. It would also be easier for people that are looking for others to play with, as they could simply poke someone, or there could be a lonewolf channel that they could join and hang out.
  4. This.

  5. YEP.
  6. And that's a problem how?

    The only reason SideChat isn't enabled on servers are because they distrub people ingame and cause server lag.
  7. Sounds like a good idea. It would be fun to start communicating with some other players on the server :)
  8. Fake

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    No? Because it's more to do with it removing one of the key factors of the game.. you shouldn't have access to talk to everyone on the server if you're not next to them in-game.

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