Drinking from beds of water

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tobias Solem, 2012-09-19.

  1. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    There is a sense of realism over DayZ. If you bleed, you have to bandage the wound. If you're hungry, you have to eat. If you're thirsty you can only drink if you are carrying a bottle.


    Can we please have the rollover option when standing in, or by a body of sweet water to drink from it?
  2. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    The logic i use to justify is that it is a zombie apocalypse and you drink from standing pools of water. Seems like pretty certain death to me. Maybe the water bottles(they seem to be military) have some filters in it or something, that cleans the water to a more drinkable level :p
    What you should be able to do is get water when its raining, because it's actually clean and drinkable. But sadly you can't do it in the game or any other game i know of :eek:
    Bottles are not hard to find so it's really not a issue imo.
  3. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    I can accept this logic in certain instances, but I still think that I should be able to drink water from a pool of water, regardless if it is contaminated by some means or another. If I am in a survival situation I would rather risk drinking contaminated water than certainly die from thirst.
  4. allypuk

    allypuk Hero

    well if you can fill the water bottle from the same pool then makes no sense cause the water wont be magically cured of any contamination by putting it in a water bottle? , plus surely i could fill a empty tin can with water? I get the sea water thing tho!
  5. What would be nice is introducing water purification tablets, having to make a filter for it and possibly boiling your water so you can drink it. But not till standalone I am sure.

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