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  1. I was playing Breaking point yesterday and one thin struck me as really cool was the amount of different skins available. Not that they only look cool but you can distinguish between friend of foe when playing in larger groups. Have you considered implementing them in DayZero? Anyone else thinks this is a good idea? Opinions?
  2. There already are a lot of camos available, just not as common as Breaking Point. I personally think camos should be as rare as some weapons i.e. the Lapua
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  3. Well I think the exact opposite because they don't effect how "good" you are compared to other players. Think of it just as if you painted a double barrel in cammo. It would still be a double barrel no better no worse then the original.
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    Moved the thread to Suggestions.
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  5. True, but you someone with a camo still has an advantage over a normal civi or bandit.. would you not agree?

  6. I agree, but not to such extent as a mid to high end gun. I also think rarity is the reason why most of the guys you meet shoot on sight. People tend to get bored and just hunt others for fun. Not to mention that it's a shame not to see all those beautiful guns like the M4 SBR.
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    I don't know if BP adds any 3rd party skins, if not, then the ArmA 2 models they use do not support backpacks and some of the ArmA 2 models use stick-on backpacks.
    Having a backpack on you can make you stick out like a sore-thumb sometimes and we're trying to go for a quality release, minimizing bugs like this visual one. If we had the ArmA 2 MLODs for all the models used in the game, then we could add the Backpack position MLOD to it and they would be fine but unfortunately that's not the case.
    We've been browsing ArmAholic for skins/models that support backpacks because of this, however there are few quality models that do (We've even had problems with the ones we already use, such as the FSB and GRU models).
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  8. I haven't looked in to it form where those skins are and I am aware that some skins don't really go aesthetically with backpacks. Anyway I just think that maybe hiding the backpack like in case of the ghillie isn't such a big deal considering it eliminates the problem of looking goofy and adding something new and cool, for I'm guessing not so much work.
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    1.) Yeah, some skins don't... That's why we're not using them, while keeping in the theme of Chernarus (When I mean Chernaruss, I mean a post-soviet Russian bloc) and the Zombie apocalypse.
    2.) The backpack isn't hidden, its not supported by the player model. As-in, the MLOD (Aka the thing that sticks the backpack model to the player model) isn't there, ArmA 2 player models don't support backpacks visually but they do in a sense of gear-wise. To be honest, in my opinion; If the Ghille model did support the visual MLOD of the backpack, you would be able to see the backpack on there.
    3.) Take up modeling and see.
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    Quality models? GRU camo looks like it's ported from GTA SA or something, terrible.
  11. Freddy

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    I would like to see more skins, perhaps even spawning with a random non-military skin right off the bat rather than the default. I think it would make things a lot more interesting.
  12. Well if you think post soviet skins are needed to make the play think he really is in post soviet country the first thing you should sort out is the Lee Enfield.
  13. Alpha155

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    We've tried finding a decent Mosin Nagant model but they are hard to come by.
  14. sorry for OT but is the SKS military only?
  15. Alpha155

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    Deerstand only. Munitions are found everywhere the Lee enfields is, just at a lower %.
  16. Ok. Another thing I think would be cool and would encourage helping rather then shooting on sight would be if the hero outfit would be a more natural green colour. Or at least the shirt and pants.
  17. Alpha155

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    The GRU/FSB/ARD pack of skins have some lovely desert camo patterns that I would like to see Bandits get if humanity goes too low. I would prefer it if it overwrites players that use the GRU and FSB skins aswell.
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    Yeah to make humanity really work, it should somehow show even f you got lootable skin.
    Its perfect already for bandit & hear that wear camo skin. They have camo yet you can still tell who is who (although hero camo being german flecktarn is not my cup of tea).

    On the other hand the humanity system isnt very well done, since you get -hum even if you killed in selfdefence so after being shot at or such.

    edit: I would definitely like lootable semi civilian skins that would spawn in residential areas.
    Something like hunting vest + normal pants or such.

  19. Still looking for Mosin model?
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    Just a quick question on this almost dead thread, is it still possible to get the green or even brown bandit skin and if so, what kind of loottable ?

    +since we are in the 'Suggestion' section of the forum, what about upgrading the usual bandit skin to green/brown when humanity reaches a ridiculous negative amount ?

    To be honest, that would be such a huge goal for me, wanting to achieve and would make the game way more interesting.

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