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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by geilerHias, 2012-09-17.

  1. geilerHias

    geilerHias Scavenger

    I started playing this game last year and I really enjoy it!

    Sadly none of my friends are playing it! I only get known to ExozeN who plays DayZ on SE9/10!
    maybe we can group up together or something!? Would be nice! :)

    greets geiler
  2. Raimond

    Raimond Scavenger Leaderboard

    you can add me in wot HrRaimond
  3. ExozeN

    ExozeN Shipwrecked

    Whould be sweet to make a " Dayz Company team " :) Sign me upp
  4. geilerHias

    geilerHias Scavenger

    btw my Ingame Name is "IronHazard" :)
  5. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    Used to play the game since the first closed beta, grinded all tier 10 heavies(3), all max lvl arties(3) and 1 lvl 9 med(t54). Got kinda boring so i stopped, my friend is still playing on my acc from time to time, might go back at some point, who knows. Most of the enjoyment came from the wars.
  6. Preda

    Preda Shipwrecked

  7. V1Nk112

    V1Nk112 Fruit Hoot Leaderboard

    Add: V1Nk112
  8. Wot; Roffer

    Going 2 add you btw :)

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