Newcomers: A comprehensive guide on getting started & Troubleshooting.

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  1. Sollers

    Sollers Skjegget Leaderboard

    Getting started on a new hive isn't always as easy and pleasing as you'd like it being.. so I made this short video explaining & showing the basics of troubleshooting and installing DayZero. In the video description I try to be as clear as possible with links and MUST KNOWS. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave them here or on the video !

    UPDATE: DAYZERO LAUNCHER has just been released! But if you want to do it the manual way proceed to follow this guide! You can find the launcher here:

    - Override @DayZ to @DayZero in settings.
    - Install DayZero manually to avoid connection errors upon joining a server
    - Make sure to have done the above


    Streaming? No Chat plugin:
    DayZero Page:
    Server list & passwords:
    DayZcommander download:
    ArmA2 beta patches:

    GUID Manually: Connect to any server on Arma 2:OA and type in chat: #beclient GUID
    GUID issue?
    Official troubleshooting thread:
    Before posting a bug report on the forums:

    The first and foremost important part now is to PATCH your game! It is unbelievable how many times I've scratched my head wondering what the hell is wrong when there is a patch to be downloaded! Here is a link to Bohemias beta patches.

    Second, it is very important to get the right DayZero version. Here is a forum link that is regularly updated by Tansien himself;
    The install goes the same way as in the video but I've heard that clearing your Arma folder for previous versions can sometimes solve the issue you might be having!

    To connect to the servers you can choose either DayZcommander (found at
    Or connecting manually. -- This means you will have to launch the game (remember to disable anything but dlc's and DayZero) and filter Tansien /

    If you have any feedback or just want to leave some constructive-criticism feel free to do so. I will try to keep the links updated and answer any questions that might be asked. Also feel free to
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  2. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Really, REALLY nice of you to take your time to do this!

    You're making this community a better one by helping the new people!
  3. Sollers

    Sollers Skjegget Leaderboard

    Thanks! Glad to see someone appreciate it !
  4. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Good guide, but please don't use any URL masker on file links.
  5. Sollers

    Sollers Skjegget Leaderboard

    Copy that!
  6. sargeantbutters

    sargeantbutters Shipwrecked

    I have tried all the methods, (Adding IPs to favorites on DayZ Commander, tried downloading the DayZero launcher, and filtered through servers in game) and still couldn't find any servers. When I click the link to download the DayZero launcher, it is just a 404 error screen. If I put the IP in the DayZ Commander favorites bar, the outline turns red and it won't add the server. In the in-game server browser, I filtered by DayZero, Tansien, and Nothing showed up. Any suggestions?
  7. Sollers

    Sollers Skjegget Leaderboard

    Seems like everything has gone wrong for you! Wish I could get back to you sooner!
    First you mentioned you cannot find any servers? Easy peasy. My method of filtering should indeed still work as I just tried doing so once again just now :) When you add the servers on to DayZcommander it is very important that the complete IP ends up in the first box while the PORT ends up in the second one.


    As you can see above not all the servers have loaded yet... This is what confuses most people :p Just give them some time to update and you'll see names, stats, time cycle, in time.

    But why you cannot see any of the servers in game I really have no clue.. could it be an expansion limiting your filter, or an angry firewall? Could it possibly be your Arma II version? If so you should still be able to see the actual servers. Have you tried running the game directly via steam / without steam to see if you get the same results? Have you checked expansions while in menu?

    And at last... have you downloaded DayZero from DayZcommander or Have you changed DayZ directory with @DayZero instead of @DayZ?

    Please get back to me on this if you are still having issues.. I'm glad to be of assistance <3
  8. sargeantbutters

    sargeantbutters Shipwrecked

    Oh, I think I see my mistake. I forgot to override the @DayZ to @DayZero.

    Edit: The IPs are actually still ending up red.

    Edit 2: They're working now. :-D
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  9. plan

    plan Shipwrecked

    Отличная статья, благодарю автора темы, помог разобраться.
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  10. Kolind

    Kolind Shipwrecked

    I can't get the GUID tool working, it just says
    "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Please help
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  11. petre

    petre SGTp3

    start operation arrow head once. That will do the trick.
  12. sheepsky

    sheepsky Shipwrecked

    I cant find out my GUID because the link to the tool doesnt work
  13. Sollers

    Sollers Skjegget Leaderboard

    I just tried it myself.. and it is fully working?
    Edit: Links posted on the Youtube video are broken and I am not allowed to use URL masks.
    Edit 2: If you can't get the GUID tool working then try this solution:
    - Log on to any DayZ server and type in lobby or ingame " #beclient GUID "
  14. Bertoboy2k

    Bertoboy2k Shipwrecked

    Just yesterday I joined easy with no problem but then today everything I checked is fine but it's saying no password on se 4. I am whitelisted and everything but it just doesn't work anymore
  15. Arcires

    Arcires Shipwrecked

    I have this problem simply consisting of the servers insisting that I typed in the wrong password.
    Anyone got a solution to this? Btw, I have tried to reinstall the launchers, as well as Armas newest version.
  16. A hint I find it useful to have it installed through arma 2 launcher where u can make profiles for all the servers and input passwords to automatically connect to them, and it let's u install all ur mods manually, a very useful thing to have but yeh now we have dayzero launcher so u have updating/connecting all predefined so everything else is not necessary

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