Anybody watches Game of Thrones and dislikes Joffrey? [SPOILERS]

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Satiris, 2013-06-04.

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  1. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Then you will enjoy this, np.
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  2. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    If you haven't watched Episode 09 from Season 3, Close your eyes and jump over this post!

    I must say I like this version of the scene a lot better.
  3. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    never upload the newest scene so fast... most of the people haven't even watched the episode yet...

    From now on you can call me kingslapper.
  4. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    Well it wasn't me who uploaded it! I merely linked it here. And besides it's not like it would be my fault for someone to read threads like these without watching the series closely.

    But since I'm a good person I'll put up a spoiler alert for that post.
  5. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    "merely linking" it here could have spoiled it to lots of people, so this explaination of yours is really hopeless
    good person? are you sure?
    I took a picture of you, while I was following you in DayZero. You don't look like a person to me:
  6. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    I've never understood the people who run about screaming about spoiling and how bad it is. For me, personally it's always been clear where to and where not to go if I've fell behind in some series/haven't watched a movie. It's always one's own responsibility to use common sense.

    I doubt this is real since definitely did have hero-clothes on around the time this photo was taken!

    P.s. I think this off-topic is over from my part so this won't derail completely. I'm sorry if I ruined your morning.
  7. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Of course, that's easy to say - "use common sense" and knowing where to go and where not to go.
    What you do not understand, is people run around posting videos like these everywhere around, not even remotely related to the topic, or people joining topics and writing out of ass sentences from the newest episode that suggest what had happened in the last episode.
    Don't mind off-topic, I created the thread and I officially allow it. Also, if you don't understand what's the deal about spoiling then it's your own business, but it clearly ruins the fun for some people, including me.
    That's why everyone should put spoiler alert when puts on something like you did. I certainly would have put it in the title if I knew you would have posted it. Let's say someone watched the video I posted, and then looks just at thumbnail of video that you posted, already spoiled most important moment :>
    It just feels better as a suprise.
  8. Gustapo

    Gustapo Survivor

    Bleh, thanks alot molli, managed to watch 5-6 seconds of this at work, when there werent any spoiler alerts added...
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  9. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

  10. And3rsen

    And3rsen And3rsen/Fresh Leaderboard

    cant describe how fucking pissed and frustrated after this scene, both of my favourite characters in the series are now fucking dead! first ned now rob. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  11. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    Is it just me who keeps seeing a trollface covering Joffrey's head.. all the time?
  12. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Exactly why you shouldn't pick those as your fav chars! I never liked Rob, stupid cunt, but Ned Stark was alright.
    My favs are obviously Tyrion, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark.
    post by Arya lol.

    also upgrade to the first post:
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  13. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

  14. Daenerys Targaryen + Tyrion FTW. Although since i liked Ned i kinda had this favoritism toward the starks. Ah well, not many of em' left now :p
  15. troubled001

    troubled001 Scavenger

    They dead. Like, OMG dead. My mutha, and brutha, are dead.
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