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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Zendiz, 2012-09-16.

  1. Zendiz

    Zendiz Antihero Leaderboard

    How about an epic game music/theme thread? Starting with a few nice themes. Feel free to contribute

    Dead Island:

    Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand Piano edit:

    Heroes Of Might and Magic IV - Hope:
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  2. Final Fantasy 7 - Fight music

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Final Fantasty 7 - Cid's Theme

  3. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Mass Effect 2 - The Normandy Reborn

    Halo 2 - Blow Me Away

    Red Alert - Hell March

    North Korea style. Those guys are crazy. (I watched that parade in person btw.)
  4. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor

    Hold on! No Battlefield 1942 theme here? :O

    Ah, Hell march, thats a good one :)

  5. I dont realy think its good at all, and i think i read some were that sound is stolen from a other game.
  6. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    Theres somany lol :eek: I have a huge folder full of my favorite game music of all time, il add sum youtube links later. The folder has over 300 files, all added by hand.
    Since messages are limited to 5 per post some of my favorite MAIN THEMES, if i can i will post more later.
    Maybe it's nerdy but a huge amount of the tracks on my mp3 are actually game related and i listen to them pretty often :-D

  7. Zendiz

    Zendiz Antihero Leaderboard

    Keep em coming!

  8. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

  9. Fake

    Fake #blametansien Leaderboard

  10. Zendiz

    Zendiz Antihero Leaderboard

  11. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

  12. vincent

    vincent Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Hehe. As soon as I noticed this thread I had my mind this exactly same theme song. I even have this on my phone - very good song.
  13. duckii.

    duckii. Shipwrecked

    those 3 songs are my childhood! :p
  14. Hippen

    Hippen Scavenger Leaderboard

  15. Enzura

    Enzura Terminated Leaderboard

    \/ Mega Epic Song! \/

    "Mark my words comrade, one day things will change. We will take the fight to their land, to their people, to their blood!" - Sgt. Reznov
  16. lemonsqueezy

    lemonsqueezy Survivor

    Always my favourite :-D Many years well spent on the Amiga.

  17. Prolox

    Prolox Split your lungs with blood and thunder. Leaderboard

  18. Zendiz

    Zendiz Antihero Leaderboard

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