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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by spyker50, 2013-05-18.

  1. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    I'm personally a huge fan of dnb and would really to share the music if anyone is interested. It keeps me going for those long dayz hikes cross country. IRL I live for this music and I'm at every big event locally.

    There are so many sub genres within drum n bass but for a nice liquid introduction listen to this

    If you like it, or dont let me know yes!
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  2. fab

    fab Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Hey Guy,
    youre not alone out there :p

    This is my loveliest mix

    I love dancing to electronic music. But in my city is no disco playing D&B, only dubstep sometimes. And thats is really crappy =)
    This is neelix, no d&b but at least rlly good !!!
  3. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Anyone can tell me why does youtube fail so hard for me? It simply does NOT load any videos fast. I have 6 MiB/s connection, max download speed like 600kB/s, and netlimiter shows me a usage of about 100kB/s at most. Doesn't matter which quality I choose, loads with similar speed on 1080p and 360p.
    Quite fucking annoying.
  4. fab

    fab Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    its all about the peak times.
    If to many people try to access the server its getting overloadet.
    Having the problems everyday mostly in the evening.
  5. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    DnB-thread - no pendulum. YOU HAVING A LAUGH?

    The Pendulum experience brah
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  6. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    For some new-style-DnB, this is my fav song:

    Impossible to not want to get fucked and dance for hours while listening to tidal wave:>

    Sadly most of the new style DnB all sounds the same, which is why I barely listen to it at all anymore. Mainly other kinds of EDM like progressive house and dubstep.
    Pendulum to release another album soon tho, and everything Rob Swire touches turns into gold(Antidote, Ghosts N Stuff, Save the World-remix), so my hopes are up.
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  7. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Where do you live irl?
    If you like all kinds of new style EDM, you should check out Tomorrowland and Creamfields festival for some bigger events.
    Or come to sweden for Emmabodafestivalen, which is the best festival I've ever been to when it comes to people, arrangement, artists, "liberal security" etc
  8. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    I like in Bournemouth, England. Next weekend we have Ram Records, Subfocus and Andy C, cant wait!

    I would love to hit up Tomorrowland, I really would although this year I cant afford it. I went to Outlook and Innovation in the Sun last year which were both just amazing. Emmabodafestivalen Ive not hear of (and probably couldnt even pronounce XD) but I have heard that the Sweeds love their EDM and know how to partay ;-)
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  9. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Haha yeah it started out as a small indiepop/underground music festival like 20 years ago, slowly transformed into a more EDM-based festival - still small as fuck in comparison(like 10-15k goers last year), but still beast!
    Here's this years lineup: http://www.emmabodafestivalen.se/artister.asp
    Last year was knife party and steve aoki among others - was awesome.
    Most excited about Krewella as I've never seen them before. They barely ever play in europe :-[
    And ofc zedd being my favourite EDM producer, that will be awesome.

    Still thinking about going to cream fields this year - but they are lacking axwell in their lineup. Not sure if they released all their acts yet tho!
  10. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard

  11. One of the greatest drum and bass tracks ever made. :-D

    For those who like the more aggressive kind.
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  12. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    Hybrid minds, one of my favourite producers at the moment.
  13. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Couldn't care less about music types. There are shitty songs in all of them, and good songs in all of them. so I do not say DNB FOREVER or DUBSTEP THE BEST or so on.
    What I enjoy listening to:
    Listen to whole song before hating.

  14. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    All songs from corridor digital videos are awesome as well
  15. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    This video is so inspired by a dayz player !!! well at least the ending is..
    awesome watch
  16. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Sounds like they flanged a pendulum song lol. Really similar sound, just a tad slower in the breaks.
    I liked it!
  17. Esoterick

    Esoterick Hero

  18. Fake

    Fake #blametansien Leaderboard

    Where's all the Spor!?

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