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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Alpha155, 2013-05-10.

  1. 4.5K should do roughly 37,5% damage, where as the 8K should do around 67%. Right?
  2. HazZarD

    HazZarD Shipwrecked

    That's a major case of paper bullets
  3. raFF

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    Damn! I wish I could use the VSS in DayZERO. :-(
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  4. Lesta

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    Vote for VSS :)
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  5. Red Pyr4mid

    Red Pyr4mid Shipwrecked

    Put a full DayZero weapons list instead of tons of numbers please.
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  7. Red Pyr4mid

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    Thank you sir!
  8. Alpha155

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  9. gambinho

    gambinho Scavenger Leaderboard

    saddens me to hear that. you did a great job
  10. FeroMax

    FeroMax Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Sad panda.
    Thank you for all the good work and help.
  11. RL work? its a shame u left really, u did a damn good job on all the new features :-(

    EDIT: the file needs to e updated since damage of the sd guns got increased, in particular m4a1 sd from 2775 to 3075
  12. FeroMax

    FeroMax Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Re-posting my post from the other thread as this may get more attention here.

    Now that we have the attachment system in, would it possible for Devs to re-enable/fix SD <-> non-SD conversion script we had before in addition to a glimpse on RU weapon customization/loot tables?

    Why AK-74u does not spawn for us to exercise our attachment options? We need that 'base' weapon.
    You can find the AK SD ammo in a lot of places, but the actual AK silenced rifles you still have to farm/be lucky to get as they have a much lower spawn rate than say M4 which you can easily make in to a M4A1 SD right now. I was somewhat upset the other day when I found 3 AK SD mags and an AK-74 without any clips while having a silencer on me. :-(

    An ammo conversion or a weapon option to convert rifle to 74U variant would have helped.
    I think this needs to be addressed in some way. RU rifles need some love as NATO rifles are more versatile at the moment.
  13. It does really need some balancing thats for sure but yeh im sure admins will think of something, all in all attachment system is maybe the best feature in game as of yet
  14. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio Entrepreneur Leaderboard

    Last I checked, the CZ 550 did 8000 damage, not 5555. Has this been changed? And if so - Why?
    Plus there are several SD weapons on that list that says it does the same ammount of damage as their non-SD counter part, which can't be right.
  15. Afaik the damage of SD pistols and submachine guns is the same as their non SD versions and for the AK74 SD it is the same as well (2,7k).
    Only the 5.56x45mm weapons (M4/M16, etc) and 7.62x39mm (AKM, RPK47,...) have their damage reduced by one tier.
    For all SD weapons damage falloff over range and bullet drop is much higher than for their regular counterparts though.

    Not sure about the Crossbow Damage though, since i recently killed a zombie with a body shot and 2,7/3,55k is not enough to do that.
    Always thought the Crossbow did 4,5k.
  16. Scar3crow

    Scar3crow Guest

    It would be nice if you could check the .308 weapons for raw damage and damage drop over time as well. It really does seem to be broken (maybe it was an intentional change but I don't really see any reasoning behind that). For example CZ550 feels completely useless now, M24 and M14 variants seem worse than before as well...
    Point of those weapons is that you can use them effectively for long distances but can you?

    Couple of examples:
    - two simultaneous chest shots (M24 + G3SG1) at 600 - 700m didn't drop the target, only made him bleed
    - ^same thing but this time it was M24 and CZ550 at 400m, second CZ shot did the trick and knocked the player out
    - member of our group got hit by CZ550 bullet through a window on the second floor of military office building at NWAF (that means he got hit either to the chest, shoulder, neck or head) from 400m, he lost roughly 20% of blood and didn't even start bleeding

    It really feels weird that's why I would like a confirmation that the damage values are fine.
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  17. I got hit from a guy on the south-mound on the NWAF when I was at the ATC compound (700meters), it was either M21-DMR or a GSG. I was on 80% after one hit.

    Do a headshot with those weapons and you'r fine. You're not supposed to spray with your sniper at targets.
    Another tactic, shoot his feet so he can't get away that fast and you have time to do a finishing shot.

    I also did a basic test in a Arma2 mission called "The Shooting Range 2.0" where you can "test" weapons. The m24 for example lost 50% of it's acceleration after 700m. If you calculate that with 8000dmg you get only 4000 which makes 30% of 12000 blood.
  18. Scar3crow

    Scar3crow Guest

    Who talks about spraying? M24 is not really a weapon with high fire rate and you should be able to knock out player with a chest shot unless he is really far (700+ or so). Especially when you hit him twice. I would understand a reduced dmg of DMR/M21 maybe even SVD because some people literally use it as an assault rifles but right now, those weapons have enough recoil to make it almost impossible.
    M24 and CZ is a different story though, dmg should be higher than that, spawn chance of at least CZ should be lower.

    Still, I think that the old damage system was better. One calibre - one damage, not five different ones.
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  19. papsh

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    theres so many guns in arma. we should have more guns!
  20. Any information about damage reducing on different range? Can't understand how guy can survive 2 hit in chest with [email protected] just bleeding

    PS Sorry for bad English

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