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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Alpha155, 2013-05-10.

  1. james1988

    james1988 Shipwrecked

    Just a quick question, if you have adjusted the weapon damages, how does it affect the body armour on the hero skin?
  2. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Yeeeeeeeeeeah, I don't think they have it anymore.
  3. I messed around the ArmA 2 Armory today and I revisited my favorite weapon from S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the VSS Vintorez. Has this gun ever been proposed to be added to this mod? Altough the damage it has in ArmA 2 is ridiculous, I think with balancing it could be a very fitting weapon!
  4. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    It was in the mod for a good while but if I recall correctly, the ammo in it had some really bad issues in it and it ended up going through everything. Or this is what I found out from the file notes, Alpha1555 can probably enlighten you more.
  5. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    It's just a small thing, but having Sa vz.58 Acog would be golden (for me heh).
    Anyway is it just me, or are the Ak47 and AKM kinda rare?
    I found AK47 GP in heli crash, don't remember last time I got AKM though (not speaking about AKMS SD).
  6. Toffe

    Toffe Stoner

    AKM / AKMS SD seems more rare than Ak-74 variants imo, Ak-47 only drops from heli crashes afaik.

    I also requested the Sa 58. Would be great with some weapons from the CZ DLC!
  7. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    Yeah you can so often find AK74 plain or with Cobra or PSO. I get it, AK47/AKM is more powerfull with that 7,62, but sometimes it just feels as it is too rare for Chernarus :). Also AKM ammo is scarce but thats probably inline with scarcity of AK/AKM themselves.

    Regarding DLC Army of Czech Republic, I think Alpha155 said something about problem being this DLC was not released in form of the free patch, as the other DLC's were, which is pitty.

    Personally I would be content with having atleast SA vz 58 Acog and lootable ACR camo clothing :).
    Bren 805 or Scorpion Evo 3 looks great, but maybe they are too modern to fit? Dunno.

    The old Scorpion fits the theme but I find it ultra rare and so its ammo.
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  8. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Pretty much.
  9. cosmicTAXI24

    cosmicTAXI24 Shipwrecked

    New guy here, just to say that there is a ACR lite patch.

    Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17320

    There are other places to get it as well, like the officail arma website, so it's not impossible to see ACR weapons in this mod.
  10. Gews

    Gews Scavenger

    True, but low-res versions. Not that many people have bought ACR. The Skorpion EVO III is nice, as well as the vz.59, however the modern Bren series guns don't do anything for me. I think they're pretty bland to be honest.
  11. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    We could either pack the contents of the lite ACR DLC into our mod, which would probably land us in trouble or we could tell everyone to download it, which might make people shy away from the mod.
    As I said before, its a real shame that BIS didn't release it like they did with the BAF and PMC DLC's.
  12. Is there a weapon list for new weapons? With damages, range and stuff.
  13. Lrishjake

    Lrishjake Survivor

    Not currently, I am working on a wiki for us all but its taking time due to IRL stuff.. I will post asap when finished
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  14. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    Given how popular the DayZero is, how many players have joined in recent month or two, I think that telling people to download lite ACR DLC would not be a problem.

    All that is needed is just to "weight" pros and cons of having ACR DLC.

    vz 95 Czech camo clothing could be added (I hope)
    We could have Bren 805, Scorpion Evo 3 and several others, that DayZero crew would deem fit to add (http://www.arma2.com/arma-2-acr-weapons/weaponry_en.html)
    Maybe some more goodies could be used, I dont know.

    DayZero could lose few lazy retards unable to download ACR DLC even if they were given link.
    Servers are basically filled to the brim now, so that should be more like a plus.

    Don't know about you, but In my book that is a clear win!
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  15. Quinn_1

    Quinn_1 Survivor

    I dont know anything about this, but I look on youtube for the ACR DLC and it are new weapons?

    Anyhow, this looks amazing

    And if u would lose some ppl to this, I think it would be a greater win then loss.
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  16. Adris

    Adris The Commando Leaderboard

    ACR would be a great addition, however, the weapons already added would be enough ;-)
  17. HazZarD

    HazZarD Shipwrecked

    Just a quick recap here then: there is no way someone can be 1 hit killed at range even with higher calibres like 7.62mm and .303? Cant imagine so cause I've been one hit in the leg on a few occassions from full health.
  18. Lrishjake

    Lrishjake Survivor

    Not unless you get shot at the same time by more than 1 person.. which is what my squad does when possible, count down the shot and between 1-4 people shoot at same time into same target from different vantage points. Drops players dead everytime.
  19. Headshots
  20. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Depends what 7.62 you're talking about. 7.62x39 should do 4.5K damage, 7.62x51 should do 8k damage but seeing as we switched to %, I don't know how much % a shot will do from either.

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