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  1. If u can set up the shooting range it can give u a fair perspective on what u can expect,

    but from my experience, stanag guns dont do too much dmg on ranges above 450m,

    snipers and battle rifles are different except for cz and m24/m40. cz takes 2 hs' when target is further than 500m, weird thing about m24/m40 is that it does about 3,5k if someone is further than 600m and for some reason has a weird (bugged maybe?) hitbox, maybe its just lag but i dont know

    Rest of the snipers i didnt have problem dropping someone on ranges up to 800, tho everything is weaker but its always 2-3 shots

    Battle rifles (g3 and m1se1) are just beasts of a weapons, u point shoot and target falls, ask lazy ;-)

    LMGs are decent coz they have loads of ammo, saw is pretty dangerous up to 600m while mk48 someone uses as a sniper sometimes :) i duno whenever i ran into one i wud die in 2 seconds, or whenever i saw someone and shot at them with it they had no chance (simply OP)

    But yeh long story short, if u wanna see the dmg values try using shooting range, i think standard arma weapons are just different for their recoil values (some admins could back this up), exception on cz which was nerfed from 8k dmg to 5.5, lee enfield from 8k to 4,5 i think and winchester from 4k to 2,7 or something

    Also check this out.
  2. i heard about the cz/m24 headshot bug before, i never had it though? is it fixed or smth.?
  3. I dont know if the headshot thing is a bug or infact just a hitbox related issue. But i have headshotted people at 300, no kill and 800 with a kill quite weird. Possibly a glancing hit to the head, quite possible in this amazing engine.
  4. U had it once, u hs'ed captainsill and he fell down and had 14% left (100%-14% in one hit, u said u hs'ed him definitely)
  5. His beard deflected the damage.
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