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    I hear alot of talk about people asking about weapon damage, stats, etc. So I thought it was about time to make one big thread about weapons. I'll be posting, answering and hopefully shedding some light onto what the hell's going on with the weapons in the mod.
    I'm not an experienced modder for ArmA 2/CO, so some answers might be a straight "I don't know".
    Posts of the past;
    My stance on high caliber weapons;
    This includes machine guns that use 7.62x51 or above.
    This is my thoughts about it, not the entire teams. If Tansien wants them in, I would gladly add them for him, they are ready to go into the mod at anytime.
    Most weapons that can one-shot kill are hard to find and a lucky headshot means the death of anyone, so thats a given.
    Add more weapons! MORE!;
    It's pretty hard to come by weapons of great quality for ArmA 2/CO.
    By 'great quality' I mean in terms of sound, models, weapon textures...
    Aswell as the weapons are part of a pack (RH), single with multiple variants (c1987 G3) or just as a single weapon.
    Adding weapons from other mods though, requires permission from that dev team, so we can pick out the assets and use them.
    Most of the work I do is config based, NOT model/sound/asset based. This means I just tweak and edit the older version of the existing config file to be on par with the others used in the mod.
    "Wouldn't that require original authors permission though?"
    No, not really as the edited version would look the same from scratch and it also helps 're-branding' the classnames of the weapons as I do not tolerate overwriting the original makers configs (SHOCFG_ to RH_), which is why the files go over extensive editing and re-branding. I would also like to note that we are also working towards adding everyone from the credits of the weapons used in the mods to a credit list.
    "Couldn't of Tansien do all this?"
    Yes, he could of.
    Weapon Damage Charts;
    Weapons don't do damage per weapon, they do it per bullet. This might confuse some people, as the Hatchet and Crossbow don't actually shoot bullets! (but they do)
    I've updated the Damage table slightly, with some BIS and DZero hit values.
    Question: Medium Machine Guns;
    Where are the MMG/GPMG class of weapons such as the Mk48 and PKM? Are they going to be reintroduced at a later stage or are they gone forever?
    The MMG's have been removed for the time being as they are very powerful primary weapons. Although they will be nerfed down in terms of firepower and accessibility.
    If you currently look at the 'stats' for a weapon, you can clearly see that they are pretty overpowered from the other weapons, with about 100 round magazines that do 8K. The only weapon that currently fills this role is the RPK-47 that has a 75 round magazine, which does 4.5K damage per bullet.
    Although I don't speak for Tansien on this but I feel that they should be kept as a supportive roll and would be mainly used with-in clans that like abit of fire power and less focused with lone survivors. They aren't gone for good and are being worked on very carefully.
    Some (you know who you are) people may argue that nerfing such a weapon should also nerf snipers rifles, this isn't the case, as they don't have the amount of suppressive fire (I lie, sniper rifles are the most suppressive), rate of fire or bullets in the magazine as the MMG's do.

    Question: I can't shoot SD ammo out of normal guns now!
    I can't seem to find any SD ammo around and I can't shoot it out of my gun, wat do?
    I've added a 'Convert to SD/Normal' for most magazines now. Allowing people to freely convert their magazines to suit silenced weapons. I've even created some new magazines aswell, such as the 20Rnd. STANAG SD which isn't in the game.
    "Why was this introduced? It's not realistic!"
    Says the guy playing a zombie apocalypse mod. The change was because of Zombie aggro and damage issues, aswell as SD bugs (which are fixed with the new set weapon zeroing). When people were using SD ammo it didn't attract zombies and, them being a huge part of the mod, defeated this purpose. Along with the damage as most SD ammunition types do 1 less hit damage.
    The good thing about this, is that if you have you have a 20 round mag and a 10 round mag left you can do a double convert (SD > Normal > SD) and it'll make a 30 round magazine so you can free up space.

    Question: Whats with all the new *Rnd. <Weapon name> Mag.?
    I see there's alot of new *Rnd's infront of the magazine name. What gives?
    Some people might not know how many bullets come in a magazine when it's at max capacity. This also works along with the green bar next to the magazine icon in the inventory. At a glimpse you can see that how many bullets you have left (Works already like with STANAG's and AK mags).

    Question: NATO rounds are so powerful, why aren't there more weapons that use NATO rounds?
    Haha... NATO rounds.
    'North Atlantic Treaty Organization' rounds aren't made of space magic or voodoo. They are standardized rounds used in the NATO countries. Bullets such as the 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 are NATO standard because they are used in so many weapon platforms.

    Question: In this video, it says at around 12 minutes onwards that you don't actually have permission to use these weapons in your mod, is that true?
    Well, is it?
    Anything posted or uploaded onto ArmAholic or any community addon site we should be able to use in the mod aslong as we give them credit where its due, we are working on a massive thankyou readme credits for 1.0 that has every single name(hopefully) of anyones assets we use.
    On the subject of 'are we allow to modify' anything in these addons is a big fat no-no.
    "But then what are you doing?"
    I'm using the assets (models, sounds, textures) to create our own configs, using their configs as references. This way we can iron out any bugs theirs might have, while not actually touching their configs.
    "So you don't need permission to do that then?"
    Not really, at the end of the day it's just a text file that gets turn into variables, unless someone trademarks every written word in existence then it'll be illegal. Good luck with that though.

    Question: Can I use your configs (SHOCFG_*) in my mod?
    Hi I'm <NAME> form DayZ <NAMEOFMOD> we would like to use your configuration files for our mod.
    No. These configs aren't final and are/should be a DayZero exclusive. Using these in your mod without my permission is not tolerated.
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  2. Hit^2x55.55 = raw dmg
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  3. Alpha155

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    Updated Q&A.
    Also uploaded a nerfed version of the M240/PKM mags. See damage chart for info. We might see the Mk48 and PKM return.

    I'm going to start using this post as a changelog type thing for all the changes I do to weapons from now on, so people stop complaining or have atleast some insight into what I'm doing.
    Changes for 0995:
    Disabled 'Split' and 'Recombine' code for the Shotgun shells. Thank you exploiters.

    Updated the L1A1 display name to L1A1 SLR, along with is magazine for a more 'realistic' name.
    Updated the L1A1 SLR magazine visuals because it was using the wrong model and icon assets from the BWC pack.
    Updated the 545x39, 545x39 SD and 556x45 SD ammo to hit = 7.4 (3042), it was a flat 7 (2722) but after some evidence and suggestions to increase the damage I have done so. It was 8 pre-1.62, the same as the 556 now, I don't know why BIS changed it.
    Updated weapon .PBO's so they fit into one.

    Replaced the PKM classname that destroys backpacks with a PKM classname that doesn't.
    Replaced some '*Rnd <NAME> Mag.' with '*Rnd <NAME> Clip', such as '10Rnd. Enfield Clip' and '10Rnd. SKS Clip' as they are not actually magazines.
    Replaced default ArmA 2 AK-74 magazine icon with a darker coloured icon to match the colour of the magazine model, which I made from the ArmA 2 icon. This could be my only piece of true asset I have made, apart from the configs.

    Added G3A3 Static anims to L1A1 SLR, this should fix ghillie issue. Thanks whoevermadethecreenshot.
    Added Battlerifle (G3A3 and L1A1 SLR) recoils to the M14 and its cousins (includes M21).
    Added Battlerifle recoils to the Winchester.
    Added Zeroing to M14 ironsights and G3A3 ironsights.
    Added 2 different recoil types to the shotguns; Old shotguns (Remington and DB) have a larger kick than New shotguns (M1014 and Saiga 12 (if its ever added)).
    Added L115A2 weapon icon. It was using the L115A3 icon, it's blurry though.
    Added the 2Rnd Pellets and Slugs to the M1014 and Remington magazine list, thanks Brooksie.
    Added M14 DMR (everyone should know what this is) a variant of the M21.
    Added PKP to the NEW Russian Crash-sites.
    Added visual models to M203 and GP-25 40mm grenades from the bwc weaponpack, so they dont show up as satchel bags and people can tell what they are at a glance.
    Added new damages to pistols and SMG's to make them more viable (and hopefully damage) because I saw some video evidence of the bizon not doing any damage.
    9x18 / SD; was 4 (889) is now 5 (1389)
    9x19 / SD; was 4.5 (1125) is now 5.3 (1560)
    .45 ACP / SD; was 5 (1389) is now 5.85 (1901)
    .32 ACP; was 4.5 (1125) is now 5 (1389)
    7.62x25 TT; was 6 (2000) is now 6.25 (2170)
    .22 LR; was 4 (889) is now 5 (1389)
    9x18 / SD; was 4.4 (1075) is now 5.3 (1560)
    9x19 / SD; was 4.72 (1238) is now 5.55 (1711)
    .45 ACP / SD; was 5.25 (1531) is now 5.95 (1967)
    5.7x28 FN / SD; was 6 (2000) is now 6.25 (2170)
    4.6x30 HK / SD; was 5.25 (1531) is now 5.89 (1927)
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  4. Shazman

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    What weapon uses the 9x39mm ammo? Have you added the VSS?
  5. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    No and yes. I added the 9x39 ammo on there to show people what raw damage it did, it's one of the most powerful hand held assault weapon munitions in the game.
    There is a AS Val and a Groza - 9 in the configs that use this ammunition though;
    Hit = 10;
    9x39mm (DZero)
    So if Tansien ever wants to add them, he could.
  6. Hm could you possibly add information about damage loss over range and body hit zones and stuff?
  7. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Would if I could. I don't even know!

  8. Hm pity. I was just thinking about it cause you said those damage values are raw values so without range and hit zones calculated I suppose.
  9. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Yeah I'm going to have to learn armor values soon if we want these new skins in. I'd sooner have Tansien do it though. :B
  10. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    I went over the damage tables and I'm going to be experimenting with decimal points. Here are the new damage tables that might be in the next DayZero build. I've removed some BIS values from the table as to not confused people. These damages aren't final and may be changed.
    The goal of these updated weapons are to;
    Not to stagnate damage table pools with flat values.
    To buff SMG primary weapons by allowing them to be more powerful than Pistols, so that become more viable for players that may want to use them.
    To allow more dynamic weapon nerfs than just making them flat out less damage than before (See M240/PKM mags).
    Future damage values;
    DayZ Damage tables;
    If hit = 1 = 56
    If hit = 2 = 223
    If hit = 3 = 500
    If hit = 4 = 889
    If hit = 4.4 = 1075
    If hit = 4.5 = 1125
    If hit = 4.72 = 1238
    If hit = 5 = 1389
    If hit = 5.25 = 1531
    If hit = 6 = 2000
    If hit = 7 = 2722
    If hit = 8 = 3555
    If hit = 9 = 4500
    If hit = 10 = 5555
    If hit = 10.2 = 5779
    If hit = 10.3 = 5893
    If hit = 11 = 6722
    If hit = 12 = 8000
    If hit = 13 = 9388
    If hit = 26 = 37552
    If hit = 56 = 174205
    BIS = Bohemia Interactive Studios
    DZ = DayZ
    DZero = DayZero
    // Bullet \\
    Hit = 4;
    9x18mm / SD (BIS)
    .22 LR (DZero)
    Hit = 4.4;
    9x18mm / SD (SMG)(DZero)
    Hit = 4.5;
    9x19mm / SD (DZero)
    .32 ACP (PPK)(DZero)
    Hit = 4.72;
    9x19mm / SD (SMG)(DZero)
    Hit = 5;
    .45 ACP / SD (BIS and DZero)
    Crowbar Swing (DZ)
    Hit = 5.25;
    .45 ACP / SD (SMG)(DZero)
    4.6x30mm (DZero)
    Hit = 6;
    5.7x28mm (DZero)
    12 Gauge Pellets (BIS)
    7.62×25mm Tokarev (DZero)
    Hit = 7;
    5.45x39mm (BIS)
    5.45x39mm SD (DZero)
    5.56x45mm SD (BIS)
    .357 Magnum (DZero)
    Wood Bolt (DZ)
    Hit = 8;
    7.62x39mm SD (DZero)
    5.56x45mm (BIS)
    .50 AE (DZero)
    .44 Magnum (DZero)
    1886 Winchester (DZero)
    Steel Bolt (DZ)
    Hit = 9;
    7.62x39mm (BIS)
    12 Gauge Slug (BIS)
    Hatchet Swing (DZ)
    Machete Swing (DZ)
    Hit = 10;
    9x39mm SD (DZero)
    .303 (DZero)
    Hit = 10.2;
    7.62x54mmR (For PKM magazines)(DZero)
    7.62x51mm (For M240 magazines)(DZero)
    Hit = 10.3;
    9x39mm (DZero)
    Hit = 11;
    .303 (BIS)
    Hit = 12;
    7.62x54mmR (BIS)
    7.62x51mm (BIS)
    Hit = 26;
    .338 (BIS)
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  11. Ruthenium

    Ruthenium Shipwrecked

    Sorry, I didnt read the previous discussion, but dont you think AK 5,45 bullets must have the same hitpower as 5,56, or slightly less. I really dont think that IRL you can stand more AK bullets, rather than M16. I think the difference between this types of ammo is in their ballistics, not in the wounds heaviness.
  12. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    You'd have to ask BIS why they made 5.45x39 hit 1 less than 5.56x45
    On another note;
    Although for some reason the 5.45x39 SD ammo was hitting for the same amount as 5.56.
    That's kinda why I nerfed the 5.45 SD ammo.
    It was (Sorry if this confuses anyone);
    5.56 = 5.45 SD (3555) > 5.56 SD = 5.45 (2722)
    It is now;
    5.56 (3555) > 5.56 SD = 5.45 = 5.45 SD (2722)

    However SD damages for lower caliber guns do the same damage as their non-SD counterparts, until they get to rifle tier damages (Stopping at hit = 7, see 5.45 SD = 5.45). So pistols that are silenced do the same that aren't silenced. This is to make them unique in that aspect and also to stop them from being really bad damage wise.
    Some people could argue that if this is done for pistols and SMGs, why not rifles and make the SD rounds for the 5.56 guns do the same damage? It feels overpowered in my opinion. If we ever added 7.62x51 SD weapons... Then it'll get abit out of control, the only thing really stopping people from attacking people at range with SD weapons is the bullet drop.
  13. Ruthenium

    Ruthenium Shipwrecked

    I love them, but they are sometimes idiots.
    I know this sutuation, read DEVheaven ticket and replied there, but this is BIS, they will not care now, when Arma 3 and Dayz SA are comming. Thats why I ask you to return this values back, or, if you believe that AK ammo is weaker than M16-M4 (and i partirally agree with this), you may do AK dammage like 3200, and M16 - 3555 as it is now. I think now AK series is overnerfed after BIS patch 1.62.
    Also I know the situation around 545 SD ammo, this freaking bis patching. Im new to your mod, and when I saw that you fixed this AKSD bug, I was encouraged to write here. I hope you will make weapon balance much better than it is now.
  14. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    I'll have to look into it but I think in all the ArmA games the AK-74 damage has always been 7, I don't want to change too much in the damage charts so I'd have to ask Tansien if we were to up the damage of the AK-74.
    In some minor detail cases I've also added more *Rnd to the names of magazines, so all the magazines, apart from pistols have the MAX number of rounds in the magazines name;
    30Rnd. MP5 Mag.
    64Rnd. Bizon Mag.
    50Rnd. P90 Mag.
    10Rnd. Lee Enfield Mag. etc
    We've also been testing 'Convert to SD/Normal' for magazines to help prevent people from using SD mags in Non-SD weapons, so aggro and damages remain consistent for the weapons with and without silencers. Weirdly enough when this is done, all available mags are combined, so if I had 5 rounds left in one magazine and 23 rounds in another, using the Convert to SD/Normal and then using the Convert to SD/Normal again combines the magazine into a 28 round one. An odd but helpful bug... Hopefully it wont spawn too many errors.
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  15. Ruthenium

    Ruthenium Shipwrecked

    Not sure about Armed Assault (Arma 1), but in OFP AK was similar to M16, but slightly less accurate and with auto fire mode. In ArmA II before 1.62 patch year ago both AK and M16 had hit = 8. And it was much better for balance, you should have choose which of assault rifle is better, more suitable for you. And now you just use M16-M4 because its simply better than AK.
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  16. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    Seems like you're right. Had a look at the old ArmA 2 545x39, does hit 8. I'd have to tell Tansien about it.
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  17. Rawrgasm

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    You should be able to use SD rounds in a Non-SD weapon, as you can use subsonic rounds in whatever weapon you please IRL.
    But using hi velocity rounds in a SD weapon will just cancel out the SD effect.

    If normal DayZ you're able to do just that, use SD mags in whatever you please, but take the lesser damage. But not use normal rounds in a SD weapon.

    Being able to convert freely back and forth from SD/Norm will ruin the having to find SD rounds for a SD weapon that we have now.
    Plus it's illogical.
  18. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    It was done mainly for damage and zombie aggro. We'll see after the new build if it needs to be reverted but testing as-is for now.
  19. Hombre-CZ-

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    Just wanted to check, currenly DayZero has damage chart that's at the top of this post?
    Where Hit = 7; 2722 dmg ?
    5.45x39mm (BIS)
    5.45x39mm SD (DZero)
    .357 Magnum (DZero)
    7.62×25mm Tokarev (DZero)
    Wood Bolt (DZ)
  20. Alpha155

    Alpha155 Master at Arms

    My very first post has the current damages. The http://zombies.nu/community/threads/4506/#post-39616 post has damages.

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