Christmas time - Greetings from N.W.A

Discussion in 'General' started by Berezino, 2012-08-18.

  1. After we FINALLY got the chopper flying, we left behind the vehicles that were delivered to us in the process...

    One MC, one UAZ civi, one ATV. At your leisure, first come first serve: 086 080 - Black forest.
  2. Were cleaning up some of the hidden vehicles around the map. Check your local vehicle spawn for fresh cars!
  3. Some time around 22:00 GMT+1 we were on our way to Polana, our glorious home town. Our excellent navigator Krejjsi daug took us on a tour of Black Forest.
    In a field just north of Guglovo I spot a rock, T¨Large spots a heli crash, but then changes his mind and says: "no, its a chopper - Looks to be working"
    We clear the area and inspect the condition - All red. Were going to need some parts...

    We call in the rest of N.W:A with instructions to find vehicles and chopper parts.
    First vehicle found is a UAZ civi left by it self in Black Forest. With this we raid the camp at lake Prud were we and several others knew there were parts for the helicopter.

    In the mean time some other players have spotted the chopper and started moving in on us...
    I cant remember who came in which order but i think DvstR and his friends were first (alt+f4 or just scared and ran? Would like it clearified, only DvstR was confirmed dead.)

    After a while OG came rolling in on an off road vehicle. Spotted the chopper and were killed after some difficulty since another group was moving in at the same time from the south.

    Somewhere here [axe] also got interested and started their usual russian tactics after the first wave of attacks were handled - Coming in with low gear, trying to get through our defenses.

    All the while at least two of us were off att different parts of the map looking for the parts missing. We had almost repaired it when someone shot everything down to red again right before the 00:00 restart when i was staring into the barrel of an M203... Thanks for the timing Tansien. The M203 didnt come back, and neither did OG after that rush. Slater - Im glad you missed with the AS50 cause my aim was worthless at first...

    I dont remember who brought the second MC to us, but thanks, made it a lot easier to scavage for parts.

    Around 02:00 all we needed was "Engine parts", looted the larger factories in the eastern part of the map for an hour. Then i was killed and spawned Komarovo, there in the high value industrial i found the missing parts.

    Krejjsi picked me up with the MC and we were off, 4 hours of defending a broken chopper finally paid off.

    We did a victory tour of the entire map, shooting up vehicles hidden, someone shot at us in Cherno with an AK, good try!

    If the gods of DayZ are good, youll have a chance of shooting us out of the sky in the morning.
  4. Vastapallo

    Vastapallo Shipwrecked

    I crashed it there. Somehow survived from the crash. I came back to play couple hours after i had crashed it (after server restart) didnt see it there, started to head north got killed by some sniper there when trying to dodge Gorgas southwest side deerstand.
  5. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    And thats the last time you let Vastapallo do the flying.
  6. Hehe, thanks for the chopper guys ;-)
  7. Vastapallo

    Vastapallo Shipwrecked

    How do you guys wear that old bandit skin?
  8. Its the "Hero" skin, seems like if you play long enough your humanity keeps going up untill you get it.

    And then we have a custom face on top of that

    Thanks for the Alice and the M14 :)
  9. Haha LMC.... tar hela klanen helt själv. Vilka free kills :-D
  10. [MG] Vidar

    [MG] Vidar Lawmaker

    Nice, we in MG were cleaning up a few vehicles ourselves yesterday (a Bus in the forest NW of Zelenogorsk among other things).
  11. We also cleaned up that same bus today ;D

    And of course I was the only one who died, again, against LMC ;p
  12. Vastapallo

    Vastapallo Shipwrecked

    Crhistmas is over?
  13. Stekarn

    Stekarn Scavenger Leaderboard

  14. What..? No? We're riding around in the heli, just killed two AXE trying to interrupt our refueling. Does anyone have any intel on a second helicopter on the server? :-D
  15. Wigguli

    Wigguli Gamemaster Leaderboard Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    Yeah our (LMC!) first run-around near Polana was not really the most epic one. We basically had no accurate weapon to snipe over the field, and you did, so the situation took quite ugly turn ^^ And of course I had to be the one to find out from the first shot that your man on the hill has AS50... Duh!
  16. yeah, unlucky to be caught in that situation. But you revealed your position by opening fire on the heli.
    We had just dropped off ppl to loot polana(have to protect our turf!), and we got the report that fire was coming from dubina deerstands.
    So when you engaged we had snipers already setup.
    I think your L85 guy hit me a couple of times thou. And nice shooting on the doorgunner, he got oneshotted :)
  17. Wigguli

    Wigguli Gamemaster Leaderboard Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    Yeah we thought that the heli had already a spot on us, so we opened fire. And all I could see was one random heat signal near Polana, which I thought to be just a random person around (the AS50 shot proved me wrong, tho).
    Hoho, well that was a good shot on the gunner then indeed. Well, this time we were too eager and found ourselves in trouble and died, but next time might be different! :)
  18. Jag förstår. Men ni sitter grupperade tillsammans, var bara för mig att välja och skjuta. Sen gömmer ni er, så då ser jag er inte. Sen springer ni typ 2 min senare rakt över fältet och jag knäpper en till då.
    Dom andra jag döda kunde inte göra mycket annorlunda. Jag flanka bra och kunde i princip yxa er om jag ville.
  19. Fun fight for everyone but me / Doorgunner Luke Dogg
  20. Christmas is over ;-) LMC! just shot us out of the sky before dying themselves...

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