Why do people cheat in online games?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Rogorugu, 2013-04-19.

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    All people who take roids are not worthy of their bodies though? There are players who are some of the very best and still cheat. Nothing to do with that, well just a small fraction anyway.

  2. Really ? Some people take steroids because they need it for medical reasons, and some people take steroids because they have reached their natural limit, However people that cheat on online games do it because they are fucking pathetic motherfuckers that should have been drowned at birth
  3. troubled001

    troubled001 Scavenger

    Yeah, cheating on a virtual game that has no bearing on the real world is definitely a reason to be drowned at birth, right?

    No. You're overreacting and that kind of shit is not conducive to a constructive argument.
  4. Peldan

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    I'm not proud of it at all, but I do have a background in cheating/hacking. I can agree that the use of some hacks is related to lack of skills, however I cannot agree that it would have something to do with insecurity/bad confidence/age. I would rather say immaturity and boredess.

    I have tried on DayZ twice. Once was on a LAN with friends on a private server, and also I started a Tunngle server with my mates, inviting people and named it something like "pro hax". I have never suffered low self confidence or anything like that. I would say that my social life is rather sweet and I have a girlfriend. Not insecure in any way. I am only 16 years old though, and a lot of people would instantly label me as "immature" due to my age. However, I never harmed other players in any way with my cheats. In fact, I didn't really affect any players whatsoever. The main difference here is that I see a parallel between harming other players for no reason whatsoever (i.e nuking servers etc) and immaturity. However just cheating with your friends just to try it out, no harm, just spawning ATVs and jumping on bridges etc should not be considered immature in my opinion.

    And as for real life behavior, I rarely cheat on tests, if at all. I have a really easy time learning, and I have high grades. I would actually consider myself as a quite intelligent, nice and civilized individual. I rarely lie, either. I am not sneaky in any way, whatsoever. However I don't know if you would consider my history as "cheating".

    Since, I haven't tried cheats whatsoever. I strictly oppose to the use of cheats on public ARMA2-servers. I just wanted to give you my opinion since I have tried it myself. Peace.
    inb4 lel kid
  5. iwa [iW]

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    I met a russian about a year back who hacked (in another game). He got caught, got banned, but tried to justify his cheating as a response to the ban. He seemed completely unaware that cheating was immoral in any way, since according to him "in Russia everyone does it and it is almost expected of you". His reasoning behind hacking was "Western civilization have too much money, so it's only fair that he gets a leg up due to his depressing/poor country" (he was dead serious btw)

    From all the people i've come across over the years that cheat in various games, i can't help but come to one conclusion:
    They all seem to lack the ability to see the fault in what they're doing through either stupidity or being socially unaware. They simply justify it in one way or another in an attempt to cover up their own insecurities.

    edit: As a reply to the post above, spawning in ATVs on a private server where no randoms play isn't relevant. You might aswell be saying "i gave myself 100 gold in a singleplayer RPG once, i've cheated, don't judge me". Aimbots/wallhacks/navigators/noclip/whatever used against other people is a completely different matter.
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  6. Peldan

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    Yeah, I have also been using wallhacks and aimbots in Counter-Strike 1.6 when I was 12 years old.
  7. iwa [iW]

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    Then that goes under the "when i was 12 and immature/didn't know any better" tickbox. What confuses me is how people in their 20-30s manage to run around cheating and still feel good about themselves and having fun in the game.
  8. Esoterick

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    I doubt they feel good about themselves.
  9. baldgamerdude

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    Some people just want to watch the world burn Master Wayne.
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  10. Gooman

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    Because they are stupid pupils from school.
  11. I think cheaters get the same feeling i get from shooting freshspawns in the knee and watching them crawl around.
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    In a lot of respects OldDude is right. The path of least resistance part is true. We are human and in that way we are like water. Though water does not make a choice. You can have principals in life or you can reject them. Every one of us has the ability to use the Hax, though you make the choice weather to do so or not based on fear of being caught or going against your principals in life. If there are no repercussions to what you say to someone on the web (like them punching you in the face) them you might tend to say whatever you like. I find this mostly in the younger people. What I have found in life experience also lends to the notion that we used to hear "...the Cream rise to the top.", I have found just the opposite to be true now days especially here in the U.S.. The scum rise to the top. Those that will lie, cheat, steal or just plain cut your throat, make it to power. That's true here because the notion of true competition is dead, and having the monopoly in something is the attractive goal. What OldDude says is true even if you don't like it. Most of all the Haxers I've come across were 14 yr old kids. 99% of them. BTW- they don't hack. They use scripts that they purchased. They are not smart enough to write the scripts, and calling them hackers only does the art of hacking a dis-service. Real hacking can be done for the good of everyone, in the way someone exposes their government for the lairs they really are. Though it can also be done to cause harm to the innocent, the same as nearly anything else. A gun can be a defensive tool to protect your life or it can be an offensive tool to make someone submit. The user makes the choice.

    Script Kiddies or simply Cheaters, is the true way to refer to these losers.
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  13. I did the exact same thing you're discribing although I got caught :-D and now I have a VAC Ban on my steam account :/ 6 years ago xD

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