Why do people cheat in online games?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Rogorugu, 2013-04-19.

  1. After seeing a huge influx of cheaters in other games I am playing I've started thinking about what drives a cheater to keep cheating. I thought it might spark a fine discussion.

    I can understand (but wouldnt do it myself ofc) the motivation behind cheating in games when there's a material reward like a sum of money but what motivates somebody to cheat when there's no reward at all? In some cases I guess it's attention and a sense of confirmation, even though it's just temporary.

    But what about when you cant kill an entire server in one keystroke? What about the guys in DayZ that use a maphack or just shady stuff that gives them an unfair advantage?

    Perhaps they cheat due to a huge lack of confidence, a sense of personal failure that follows and "winning" a fight in DayZ or any other game is a way for them to escape that feeling. It would explain why so many cheaters are kids. It's pretty common for kids to have bad confidence after all.

    These people understand that what they're doing is shitty to other players, they know they're not really "owning" anybody but they keep doing it anyway and the worst part is that they're willing to pay for it since most cheaters just buy a new key and come back after getting banned. It blows my mind and makes me wonder about how these people behave in real life.

    Do they cheat at tests in school? Lie to their friends, family & superiors? None of my real life friends cheat in games, at least not that I know of. Is that because people with a certain type of personality are more prone to cheat than others?
  2. People hack for the same reason that people take steroids, they are insecure or they are bad at doing anything legitimately. These sorts of people that hack don't get enjoyment out of playing the game properly, they enjoy griefing and getting a reaction out of people. They wont get this sort of attention at home because they are bums and useless boring husks that cant be imaginative enough to do something with themselves other than grief people. Sadly its happening allot more now that the internet is so widespread and easily accessible, Try not to get so worked up over hackers because at the end of the day they will all get banned eventually. Or they will get bored if you ignore them and move on to whatever retarded tasks they do.

    Thanks to all the legit players who put up a good fight and keep the gaming communities thriving.
    DLW OUT.
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  3. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    Some of them just want an unfair advantage and make people think they got "skill". For ex. h4x a crosshair into a DayZ veteran/expert server and get better in cqb.
  4. Maskinen

    Maskinen Custom Title Leaderboard

    Why do that, when you can have a small post-it dot on your monitor? :p

    e: This is considered cheating btw. So you should not do it!
  5. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    Just an example :p Thanks for the idea though :-D
  6. Maskinen

    Maskinen Custom Title Leaderboard

    Ups, my secret is out! :) Not that I can kill anyone regardless, hehe
  7. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    I'm not proud of it - but i used wallhack for a week in cs about 15 years ago. Was fun at the beginning and it actualy made me a better player because i got to see how everyone else was playing/hiding. So when i didn't use wallhack , i felt superior because of the knowledge it had given me. Suddenly i was on top of the scoreboard like all the time (without wh) instead of being at the bottom. Remember my mate kept switching team because he couldnt stand me challenging his 1st place as he was used to being there. :)

    Don't recall why i used it other then learning / spying on how to play better. Was no youtube or anything back then that i could watch. But being a "kid" at the time, im sure getting a nice score was also part of it....

    Haven't touched any hacks since then.... because it makes the games less challenging and as i got older , i got to like a good challenge.
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    PYREX[SAS] Shipwrecked

    I've used hacks as well on mine craft not proud of it as well got banned almost right away it was x-ray never going to use hacks again
  9. It feels like this is becoming a confession thread. Anyone wanna own up to hacking on DayZero? xD
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  10. Keep the subject in mind when you post. Doint point fingers at certain players or go trololol all over the place. Had to clear out a bunch of OT.
  11. i bet you laughed at katts post.
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  12. Shazman

    Shazman Friendly!!1!1 Leaderboard

    Yeah, that could be the answer.

    Or they might want the best stuff ingame as soon as possible and they dont realize cheating makes a game boring,
    really quickly.
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  13. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard

    "Hi everyone, my name is unique and i've been clean of hacks for 16 years now..."
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  14. OldDude

    OldDude Scavenger

    I kinda find it useless but i am off this week So i guess I have time to waste on da forum.
    So ....apparently its hard for some to understand why people cheat ?
    Really ?

    Maybe its life experience but u can come up with a zillion reasons why people cheat , and all are fine reasons ..yet none applies
    We are Humans. Humans cheat and deceive !!! FULL STOP
    Not just in Games, in life my friend. IN life
    A Human will always opt for the way of least resistance ..
    We are merely monkeys with opposing thumbs so don't expect to much :)
    It boils down to the ego driven greedy environment we call life
    It breads this behavior not just in gaming. NO NO in all and everything . BE ambitious ! BE No.1 ! Have drive ! right? ...
    So why be surprised .
    You have ethical reservations about people taking shortcuts ?
    Well you stand alone ...Don't lie to yourself you stand alone.
    WE all reward selfishness, greed and cheats ! DAILY !!
    Think about it ..
    Lie and cheat and u will fall up the ladder in everything you do in life ..
    Stop pretending it isn't so ..
    The Hypocrisy & Doppeldenk ! LoL. At every corner.

    With time my friend, you will notice this yourself
    It has very little to do with gaming .
    More so with being Human .
    Few are strong while most are weak .
    Its just the way it is

    So the earlier you realise, the less you will be disappointed in life
    These little brats cheating in a game ? Thats nothing compared to the cheats you will encounter in your lifetime
    Its human nature.
    BUT ..don't despair
    After all, it means NOTHING . But that is for another discussion .
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  15. So what you're are saying is that cheaters do it because it's in human nature? There's a few holes in your argument though. You're saying that people will always choose the way of least resistance. Everybody with an internetconnection have the possibility to download and use cheats to achieve that, yet most people dont.

    It's a very cynical way to look at it. I dont think that everybody's like that at all. Perhaps I am just naive.
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  16. OldDude

    OldDude Scavenger

    Well it is Rogorugu
    You kind Sir,
    deserve a well formed answer.

    So what you're are saying is that cheaters do it because it's in human nature?

    There's a few holes in your argument though.
    No , i merely didn't expand all too much

    You're saying that people will always choose the way of least resistance.
    Yes..more on this below

    Everybody with an internetconnection have the possibility to download and use cheats to achieve that, yet most people dont.
    Llet me rephrase.
    The majority of sheep will choose the path of least resistance within their means and possibilities . Mental as well as physical .
    Some people are less able then others , this includes being able to understand hax scripts and use them. Another big chunk will be deterred by punishment ...plain and simple Fear stops them not a Conscience Thought .
    You are right though on one big point . 'everybody' is not correct is it ? We should be saying 'majority' , or else it would be bleak indeed

    It's a very cynical way to look at it.
    Yes my friend, maybe it is. BUT if you look at it the other way you can find tremendous joy
    Nothing beats the times in life your path crosses with a soul that isn't corrupted to the core .
    I don't blame nor judge .Its not their fault :) . because of all the points i made earlier . You cant blame em they only reacting . So i don't see it as negative as you.
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  17. Predatory Clown

    Predatory Clown Level 3 Wizard Leaderboard

    Everytime I read one of OldDudes posts I read it in a 'Dictator' voice. Theres something about that that smacks of a Russian-English online translator xD
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  18. troubled001

    troubled001 Scavenger

    As someone who used to do this long ago, and far away, I'd have to say some of the poor confidence thing is true. There's other aspects of it as well though. As an example, say I was well geared, and had spent 2 1/2 hours running around the map getting good gear, and was finally well equipped, and the first second I take a step within the borders of the NWAF, I'm shot and killed. You'd be pretty miffed, right? It's that spur of the moment anger that can motivate illicit means of getting your gear back. Maphacks aren't really as bad as item boxes and other things, but they're still not great. For me, it's always just been frustration and being tired of being killed in stupid ways that made me want to cheat. But I've gotten better at games and that urge is pretty much gone.
  19. Melkor

    Melkor Lille

    Maphacks are as bad, no question about it. You are ruining other people's fun by jacking their stuff or using the hack to know where people are to get easy kills. People hack because they suck and want to play the easy way while at the same time don't put in an effort to get skilled at the game.
  20. troubled001

    troubled001 Scavenger

    That's part of it but there's more to it. It has to do with confidence. Think about any sport you've played in a PE class. When they suck, you really wish that the teacher would give you some handicaps. The hacks are you basically punching the teacher in the face, and taking the handicaps for yourself.

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