Favorite car :)

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Madness, 2013-03-31.

  1. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    mmm rotary engine goodness
  2. Mr Wu

    Mr Wu SPQR

    indeed, the glorious "Wankelrocket"
  3. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    The sound of a 4-rotor wankel engine is sick!
  4. Moriquende

    Moriquende Someone mixed my medicine Leaderboard

    No offense, but the RX8 is 'meh'. Why? Because a Wankel without a turbo is like a gun without bullets.

    Mazda MX-5 is my fav car because of it's handling. Not even the Porsche Boxster can beat it in a corner.
  5. driven this, sequential automatic shifter with full auto option 220 BHP beast car :) driven it for 1000 miles through UK last xmas

    anyway my favorite would go to vw scirocco
  6. Fellhaufen

    Fellhaufen Survivor

    My little mountain saw vehicle ;-)
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  7. Moriquende

    Moriquende Someone mixed my medicine Leaderboard

    With optional trailer I see! Very nice. ;-)

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