[GZ] - Wasteland - Grenadier? No. Mortar!

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Dustgone, 2013-03-24.

  1. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    And here's a demonstration how a grenade launcher can be used as a mini mortar!
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  2. Gustapo

    Gustapo Survivor

    Aww, sweet! I hope there was some luck involved though... :)
  3. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    There's always luck involved. But I've been figuring out, calculating & training this technique for like 6 hours straight so there's alot to it. If I get around to it, Imma make a guide for it. But in short: Bind a button to "aim up", Go 375 meters away from your target, aim, press the "aim up" button. Enjoy the show.
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