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    Superior rule:
    • Don't be a dick.
    General forum rules:
    • English is the only language you may use when creating and/or replying to threads. Reason for this is to make it easier to moderate and keep the forums clean.
    • Spam and blatant advertising is NOT acceptable.
    • Posting images is OK, within reason. Replying to posts with nothing more than an image or meme is NOT acceptable.
    • Don't advertise other servers.
    • No Racism remarks at all.
    • Do not post your thread multiple times in different sub-forums in order to get extra exposure. Just post your thread once in the appropriate forum.
    • Do not flame or insult other members.
    • If you have any kind of problem, please search for an existing solution before posting a new thread.
    • Do not post off-topic replies. If the discussion is about bananas, then you should only reply about bananas, not apples or oranges.
    • Do not double post. If you are the last person to reply to a thread, then edit your last reply and add your extra comments there, instead of starting a completely new reply.
    • Do not use excessively foul or offensive language towards other members.
    Breaking any of the following rules will result in warning / ban.
    • Do not post porn, gore or anything else that isn't safe for work.
    • Do not post other members personal information. (Address, phone number...)
    • Do not threaten other members out-of-game.
    • Do not post links to piracy, cracks, warez.
    • Do not post any ArmA/DayZ/DayZero exploits in the forum. If you have found an exploit or bug that you want to report, then please contact an admin directly via private message.
    • Do not post threads purely to start an argument.
    • Do not post any deliberately hateful or offensive remarks towards other players, including racism or discrimination of any kind.
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