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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Paj, 2013-03-10.

  1. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Anyone else playing it?

    I must admit after playing Arma 3 and having watched the new dev blog fra Dean Hall ... it will be a tough one to enjoy playing on the modified Arma 2 engine (DayZ SA) after having tasted Arma 3's awesome graphics.

    DayZ on Arma 3 engine, yes please.
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  2. Hmm,i dont know.. i mean arma 3 graphics are beast and nice.. but the engine is still like fucked up. i have a pretty decent computer but the fps is so low, its not funny :<
  3. soju

    soju Hero

    Thats because its an _alpha_

    Arma 3 is going to be beast, cant wait for ACE 3 and ACRE 2 :>
  4. Well true, im really hoping its gonna be fixed then its gonna be a really great game.. but im not sure about it :-D
  5. There will be some optimization for sure and you'll probably get drivers that are better adapted for your GPU eventually. The thing I like the most about Arma 3 is how you can swap the attachments out to change up your playstyle.
  6. Dallebull

    Dallebull Survivor

    That's why i just bought new hardware ;-)
    3570K and a Maximus Gene V with a baws cooler.
    Hopefully, my 6950 will be enough for a while, A3 seems to be mostly CPU demanding.
    Got 80-90% usage on my Athlon x4 (3.5ghz) and 30-40% on the GPU regardless of settings...
  7. Guarantee Nvidia will release a driver update giving atleast 30% performance increase for ARMA 3 soon!
  8. Tuomari

    Tuomari Scavenger

    What do you mean by "tough"? Better graphics does not make a better game.
  9. I haven't read too much into DayZ Standalone but I imagine the movement is going to be a lot more fluid that ARMA 2.
  10. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    No but everything looks better. Character skins, animations, sounds...... and the interface rocks. Will post some screens later today.
  11. well i have some decent gear aswell :)

    i5 2500k @ 4,5ghz
    7970 3GB

    and im still playing at max 50 fps and drops to 20.. and its just not playing smoothly..

    but i hope its going to be fixed later on when they optimized the game more
  12. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Short view of movements, inventory and shooting. :-D

  13. Hister

    Hister Shipwrecked

    Was playing today, and there was hacker in every server i tried. Hope they will fix it letter.
  14. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Strange, how do you know there was a hacker? I had someone call hackers because of sidemission crate spawns on Wasteland servers. He obviously didn't know they were supposed to be there. hehe

    Haven't met a single hacker at all and i've been playing like non-stop since alpha was made available. I must be blessed. :)
  15. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Played about 8hrs of it so far. Can concur with hackers in a lot of servers, but it is only an alpha so I'm not complaining too much.

    I've been made into a bird way too many damn times.
  16. Dallebull

    Dallebull Survivor

    Thing it, it seems to be the servers.
    I can runt 40-50 fps in the editor. at max settings (reduced drawdistance), but when i play online i get 15-25fps regardless of settings...
  17. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Got the same thing happening here..... but i don't expect the alpha to run 100% perfect. :-D
  18. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Like the bird bug in Arma 2 which required you to reinstall the game? I have yet to be turned into anything..... you guys must play on some shady piracy servers. :-D
  19. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    If we setup a ArmA3 Alpha server I'll probably enforce that peeps have played on our "regular" DayZ servers for a few days before we let them on, since there's no built-in anticheat.
  20. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    I've had the bird bug once in ARMA2 but never had to reinstall! The bird thing seemed to be script kiddies yesterday going about spamming servers. Even saw Sacriel turned into birds a couple times on his stream's so far.

    Things seem to be more stable now though!

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