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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dustgone, 2013-03-07.

  1. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Part 1: Close Quarter Combat Battle (CQC/CQB). In this part I will talk about the movement in CQB, slicing the pie, double tap, keeping your back clear and to stay as protected but combat efficient as possible.^^

  2. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Also noteworthy; Why it's important to check the other corner is to better use your FOV. If you were to check your own corner then half your FOV would be wasted.

    Also this technique is good to learn since it will be implemented in the team CQB tactics which I'll do later.
  3. Gustapo

    Gustapo Survivor

    Again, great video!

    *thumbs up*
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  4. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Thx man! Means alot!
  5. Very informative videos, right to the point every time. Thx!
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  6. Tuomari

    Tuomari Scavenger

    When checking corners, you should take a few steps away from the wall.
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  7. From Dustgone... (He can't post pics)

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  8. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    It's all situational. Not sure what you mean with "a few steps" but I think the pic shows my standpoint.
  9. Bradley Manning

    Bradley Manning Scavenger

    Thank you for these. Always good stuff you're posting.
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  10. sergejeff

    sergejeff Scavenger

    Thank you once again :]
  11. Tuomari

    Tuomari Scavenger

    I'll take a few pictures and show you what I mean and why it is important to take a few steps away from the wall. I'm not saying that you should go to the other side of the road. Only 1-1.5 meters.

    Edit: Everyone who has been in the army, SWAT or other rapid deployment unit knows what I mean.
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  12. Dallebull

    Dallebull Survivor

    Sweet, can u UL the mission? :)
  13. Prolox

    Prolox Split your lungs with blood and thunder. Leaderboard

    Tip #1: get the best pc and internet connection you can get your hand on cause that's going to make the most difference.
  14. Vipala

    Vipala Hero

    The funny thing about cqb in arma is its highly unreliable and glitchy.You might load a full mag into someone and after you are done they will shoot you once and you both will die at the same time.
  15. aldar98

    aldar98 Shipwrecked

    Slicing the pie is to be considered unreliable as long as you are on servers that have 3rd person enabled.
  16. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    Moar people need to start playing 1st only :)
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  17. bnz

    bnz Always late and usually AFK. Leaderboard

    Didn't learn much from the video but it made me want some pie!
  18. I think you explained the "slicing the pie" part wrong.

    "slicing a pie" is about engaging enemies behind a corner step by step, like eating one slice of a pie one after another. You don't eat one pie as a whole, do you?

    The distance to the corner determines how great the field of view behind the corner is. The further away you are the smaller are the "slices of the pie".

    What you said in your video about that has nothing to do with it, the enemy wouldn't spot you even if you were 2meters from the corner because naturally, the shoulder sticks out to the left and the eyes are in the head, not the shoulder.
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  19. If you are not playing on a third person server, then they will see you anyway...
  20. Frosti

    Frosti Scavenger

    Yeah pc that can handle all the zombies and action in towns and not drop below ~15-20 frames and ping below 100 is entry level. Without those most CQB battle will be with technical difficulities and lag and not aganist other players :rolleyes:

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