How to be a better sniper

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dustgone, 2013-03-06.

  1. Yes, you're right. Sorry, it's hard to aim at such distance and I haven't noticed that the tip of the bottom chevron is actually for 925 m. I've tested it again and edited my post. Thank you and happy sniping! :)
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  2. deuja

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    This thread has been great help, thanks OP and thanks to the maths guys too!

    Today i broke a few of these rules and things went south pretty fast... a must read!
  3. Fellhaufen

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  4. Scar3crow

    Scar3crow Guest

    Except the SVD's last chevron which is 925m and DMR (due to the new DayZero model with different scope) it looks +- correct.
  5. I have a question:

    Does the PSO scope hit on the same mark when used on the AK-74 PSO as it does when used on the SVD? Since the two guns use very different cartridges.
  6. Scar3crow

    Scar3crow Guest

    No, those two scopes are completely different.
  7. Ah cool, I think I did notice that the lowest 925 meter mark is absent from the AK PSO sight.
  8. Bradley Manning

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    Yea, the range for the two cartridges will be different. Don't expect much from the 5.45mm bullet out past 300m. Especially in the way of damage.

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