How to be a better sniper

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dustgone, 2013-03-06.

  1. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Part 1: I felt like doing a quick tutorial of how to increase your survivability as a sniper.


    Part 2: How to be as stationary as possible when you're scouting - aiming - taking the shot.


    Part 3: Here we take a crash-course of the PSO scope and also some more tips. Enjoy!


    Part 4 1/2: An introduction to the Mil-dot scope. More about creative range-finding, an introduction to the ABCD-Sector system and the communication between a sniper and his/her spotter.

    Part 4 2/2:

  2. madjensen

    madjensen Scavenger

    good video :) tought something you should add to the how to be a better sniper guide:

    1. All scopes in dayZ has a "buildt in rangefinder" range-finder in the the scope(only excetion is CZ550)
    2. The importance of not taking several shots from the same place(even if you kill your target)
    3. Knowing how much blood each shot takes
    4. Counter sniping, sniping is so much more then just taking unaware players.

    but all in all good sniper video :)
  3. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    madjensen. yes sir, there will be several parts where I talk about alot of different things. I'm uploading part 2 as we speak.
  4. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Part 2: How to be as stationary as possible when you're scouting - aiming - taking the shot.

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  5. sergejeff

    sergejeff Scavenger

    I enjoyed this and thank you for spending time doing this.

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  6. Wow! This is one of the best threads I've seen in a while. Please keep the series going. Perhaps using other sniper rifles?
  7. Hiero

    Hiero Shipwrecked

    Good stuff man!
  8. Tuomari

    Tuomari Scavenger

    Wrong. I use those horizontal marks as a "rangefinder".
    200-210 meters

    Approximately 400 meters.

    If the target fits between three horizontal marks, then he is 500-550 meters away.
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  9. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Part 3: Here we take a crash-course of the PSO scope and also some more tips. Enjoy!

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  10. madjensen

    madjensen Scavenger

  11. Bradley Manning

    Bradley Manning Scavenger

    Very nice. The PSO is a very good scope IMO because of the built in range finder. I also like the CZ 550 for the same reason though not as long range of a weapon, it is not very rare and shots taken within 500m can be very deadly with that rifle.

    Your suggestion to change position or just to wait before making another shot are the most important. A well disciplined Hunter of Gunmen(HOG) will be very careful not to make multiple shots in order to avoid detection. Some times the sniper is being baited to take a shot in order to get a location on him. Shooting from a building should be done from the back of the room, and not next to the window so as to not have the barrel of the rifle protruding from the widow, in effect giving away the HOG's position.

    Also, one more thing. If you have any friends, you should use them as security. Having them some distance away to one flank and a short distance in front, they can provide a distraction if your location is being homed in on. These men must be very disciplined also. They must be able to keep themselves well hidden until such time they are needed.

    Just my two cents, great video, very informative and a nice showcase of the Russian PSO.

    Keep 'em coming!
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  12. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Haha yeah nice. In future episodes I will do the Sniper-Spotter routine and also a modern 5-men Sniper Team with security. You're ahead of my schedule man! ^^
  13. Bradley Manning

    Bradley Manning Scavenger

    Haha, Sorry. You are doing very well without my help. I stay out of it and let you do them since it is very well put together.

    Thanks for taking the time to do these, for they are a service the community as a whole. One can even deduce how to react when being sniped from the info in the vids.

    Keep up the good work man.
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  14. madjensen

    madjensen Scavenger

    might also put in some where the How to guide to calculate range with mil-dots. standing target 1800 devided on X mildots 50% of that for crouching...etc
  15. I'd really like a guide on how changing your FoV affects sniper scopes. That's the main thing that's stopped me from changing it.
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  16. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    If you like CQB with alot of Urban Warfare I would recommend you changing your FOV. Otherwise I would not. And no, I don't know the formula of how this alters your ranging works, sights etc. However, increasing your FOV lets you gain more perception to your surroundings BUT you loose equally much focus to your surroundings.

    Instead of changing your FOV I would recommend you get two really easy accessible buttons for zoom in & zoom out and use these alot when on the move to alter your FOV at will when you need either more perception (FOV) or more focus (Zoom in).

    I probably won't be doing a tutorial about this main reason being; I stand against it, no sniper should alter their already perfect & logical sights with good chevrons & mildots.
  17. Nebby

    Nebby Such bullet, much brainmatter Leaderboard

    Whats up with the 1080P quality? :p It looks like its 480P scaled up to 1080P o_O
    But good videos nonetheless!
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  18. Gustapo

    Gustapo Survivor

    Great videos, enjoyed this!
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  19. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    No idea man ^^ I'm using Open Broadcaster Software and still after 6 videos trying to get the quality up.
  20. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Yes sir, coming soon featuring the M24.
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