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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Roxyn, 2013-02-24.

  1. One of my favourite songs.
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  2. Natural

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  3. why is German language so scary
  4. Possibly because of history? :-D
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  5. DaCrazyCageMan

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    Is this in reference to the video I played to you last night? :-D
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  6. Anyone remember this?
  7. Kippari

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    Holy crap sick tunes m8brodude½
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  9. Julian[RTC]

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  10. weddy97

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  11. BillyKid

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  12. Something that gets me into RP mood these days

    It's a long song... Mr J.R.R Tolkien...all the words are by him...about middle earth and how the dwarves try to take back the last place which they call home

    But even as it's long...I am quite sure you'll enjoy it. Please do something rp:ish when listening :)
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  13. Feels...my favorite movie of all time.

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