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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Roxyn, 2013-02-24.

  1. Nah couldn't find a plot pole :-( If you see us on and you want to join just ask :-D
  2. M|J

    M|J twitch.tv/marcdevo Leaderboard

    i've never built a base so i have no clue either :p will do :)
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  3. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    Ye and he sucks lol
    He is always there, he sits in his base with a railgun ~10 hours a day.
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  4. Me and gooby killed him few days ago and he instantly blamed us hackers. cunt
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  5. Rape van spawned(?) half inside Elektro store. Saw it today:

  6. Love this so much
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  8. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

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  9. at 1:47 > DAMN!

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  11. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    Chilly suit squad
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  12. bicycle gang bang?

    jelly sweet not chilly suite :p
  13. You shouldn't treat bikes like that..

    We've had bikes ganging up on us :-(

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  14. Smoker

    Smoker Survivor

    now fight to the death for the bike
  15. [​IMG]wtf happened to that uaz
  16. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

    Edit: added a few more songs.
    Last edited: 2014-03-05
  17. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    Chilling out song. Amazing remix.
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