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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Roxyn, 2013-02-24.

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  2. and now the kills
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  3. No, last night we did an awesome 2 man ninja-squad run through the middle and NW part of Cherno. I was with the AKM SD (or what's it called) and M24 (failed to save bullets, so we stashed it; if you look carefully, you can find it somewhere ;-) ). 10 or more hours of constant playing, ending up back in base like boses with a new car, coyote backpacks, more weapons and 5 or 6 kills, all made by Broadhurst of course (that's ninja action - staying out of the "danger zone". We died only today on Elektro sniper hill.
  4. Why the coast?..
  5. cuz all the coast campers are fucking bad and can't play the game properly, as soon as they fight a stanag gun they all gonna die
  6. Ferrett

    Ferrett Survivor Leaderboard

    Fully geared, survival acu m24 lol
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  7. To coast because I was at the Rog castle when I heard a heli crash somewhere near Elektro, but, of course, It would be kind of stupid to go there geared with the best stuff, so I took an M4A1 ACOG and Broadhrust went with the AK103 PSO, and we left our bags in a safe spot.

    What's wrong with Survival ACU? It's a nice backpack. It can hold things, you know. It doesn't change the players potential to kill someone. I consider a player fully geared even without a backpack when the killing potential is there.
  8. Well it may not change the potential to kill someone but he hasn't killed anyone either. lel.
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  9. Krabi

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    It was before we ventured North.
  10. Your crate is near rog. Brb gon find it
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  11. CBB

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  12. Dat akward freshspawn xD
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  13. Taavi

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    arma2oa 2014-02-26 21-28-12-120.png Mikey is so fast, we had to take this pic for 5 minutes, this was taken with a high speed camera, this is the only shot he is seen in.
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  14. Damn, bro, how did you guess that? I'm quite amazed at your psychic abilities.
  15. 157/100000000 Trees checked. Just wait ill get that g3sg1
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. M|J

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    was nice to see u guys on there :) got that base going?
  18. CBB

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    Dreiko.. remember that twat from rapedungeon, he is a fucking cunt..
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  19. Haha dreiko the fucking scrub thought he was MLG
  20. He kept bragging about being in a base and killing everyone on the landbridge the soppy fuck

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