Guide: Faces with camo-paint / custom glasses

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Rogorugu, 2013-02-02.

  1. Thanks for the response, mate

    I don't quite get how I should do to get a balaclava?
    face="face62_GRU_Balaclava_Black_camo6" ???

  2. class Identity
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  3. So basically, if I choose to have a balaclava, I can't change my character to say, black skinned? Or atleast camoed?

  4. That is correct!
  5. Well, that sucks...
    Thanks for the info, though :)
  6. Well if you wear balaclava you will be treated as bandit even if your not... interesting tho.
  7. So how do i change the color of my balaclava to green or black?
  8. Just use GRU_Balaclava_Black or FSB_Balaclava_Green.
  9. Ok thanks.
  10. PredZ

    PredZ Scavenger Leaderboard

    what exaclty do i need to do to change my skin inot a mask one why do i need to type or copy in and where
  11. PredZ

    PredZ Scavenger Leaderboard

    do the masks only work in dayzero or in other mods
  12. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

  13. PredZ

    PredZ Scavenger Leaderboard

    i read it but it doesnt work i tried everything
  14. Adris

    Adris The Commando Leaderboard

    You can't get custom faces if that is what you are asking. Only glasses/few others, camos and faces
  15. gambinho

    gambinho Scavenger Leaderboard

    what happens if you have the old bandit skin and a balaclava face? which will show up
  16. Eden

    Eden Check these cords on podagorsk. Is it an ACC?

    Thanks very much for posting this. I managed to give myself a stealth black balaclava and goggles :) Any chance you could post some preview images of the 4 facemasks you mention?
  17. hns

    hns higgedi Leaderboard

    thanks for green balaclava !! ;D

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