Good headset's for DayZ?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Flawwan, 2013-01-27.

  1. razer seem to be frowned upon by the thousands but i have the megalodon, served me fine for a year so far its a fine headset, bit pricey though
  2. I feel your pain.
  3. Tansien

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    I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-A900X, best headphones i've ever had.
    They can be a bit pricey though, ATH-A700 are probably the most priceworthy headphones ever manufactured. Just go read the reviews :)
  4. I use AKG K 242 HD, pretty solid.
  5. This headset is endeed awesome i have it aswell ! :-D and i love it!
  6. Esoterick

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    You know some of the higher end headphones are crap for gaming right? I love how people that say what you have never bother to mention this. I have a pair of AKG K550 which are amazing for music but are terrible for gaming, you have no directional audio whatsoever.

    Keep this in mind if you buy headphones instead of a headset. I think Head-Fi did some testing on headphones which provide decent surround sound. From memory Audiotechnica and Beyerdynamic do good sets for around £100 but I can't remember the model numbers.
  7. Paj

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    I tried the Megalodon , worst headset ever. Had so much static in the mic that i was almost banned from any skype calls. :) Even firmware update didn't fix it. My mate bought the megalodon too and had the exact same problem.

    Going to give Logitech G930 a try next.
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  8. I don't think your should spend TOO much money on it, i have a simple gaming headset (used on consoles and most FPS games) which cost me around £45 and they haven't let me down in game yet.
  9. hmm i have the megalodon and the mic works perfectly, just turn the mic sens and mic level down on the mix amp
  10. Esoterick

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    Loads of the problems are caused by interference due to it using USB, have read of similar headsets causing the same problem. It is a pointlessly expensive headset given what you actually get. The only real thing going for it is that it is extremely comfortable as I used to have the Cacharias which uses the same frames and padding.

    If I was to go down the headphones route I would get the Audiotechnica AD700 or Beyerdynamic DT 770. However I tried I separate mic and hated it for gaming.
  11. Paj

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    Yeah tried all the suggested solutions... also what they said on their website. None of our Megalodon sets ever got to work properly. The mix/amp doesn't respond correctly at all its either "OFF" or no reaction what so ever unless it was voloume control.... toggling with the windows settings ddidn't help either. But ok, the sound in the headset is amazing , if it wasnt for the mic problem i've run into a million times also as a salesman of said item i would definately use it again.
    But for now, i need the perfect mic.
  12. yeh dunno, sorry to hear its an expensive headset haha
  13. Dallebull

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    g35/g930 IS AWESOME! :)
  14. Gabriel

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  15. Paj

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    Yeah, thats a headset i would try. Another friend of mine has it.... and the sound is quite good and my mate loves the wireless part a bit too much. He's taking everyone with him to the kitchen, toilet etc etc. :-D
  16. Dallebull

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    Haha m2! The wireless feature is just Amazing, i walk around with em all the time :p
    To bad the sound is a little bit worse in the g930s than in the g35, but the wireless is worth it, i use different headphones for music anyway :)
    These headphones emulates 7.1 speakers so the surround effect is nice, to bad the stock arma sounds sux the ballz.
  17. ptecastle

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    PX21 Turtle Beach headset. You can pin point gun shots.
  18. M|J

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    Using Corsair vengance 1500, best ones ive tried
  19. I can highly recommend Sennheiser PC350.
    It´s a very comfortable headset, and they are very good at reducing any sound, caused by your irl surroundings.
    They come with a great microphone aswell. They are as mentioned earliere(same brand not same model) in this thread a bit expensive, but in my opinion it´s worth it!

    I use it myself and I am more than happy about it!
  20. Gustapo

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