Good headset's for DayZ?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Flawwan, 2013-01-27.

  1. Hello!
    I'm currently in need of a new headset because my current inverts the sound for some reason.

    What headset do you use and why? I'm interested in a headset that you're able to determine where choppers/bullets are coming from.

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  2. Esoterick

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    Sennheiser 360, bit pricey though.
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  3. I use a Plantronics Gamescom 780 headset because it was cheap and has surround sound, as well as with my experience using it. It's a pretty good headset.
  4. If you have an xbox aswell get a pair turtle beach x12
  5. Reemoo

    Reemoo Scavenger

    I used to use a surround sound speaker system and it did work, I could tell the direction of the enemies but it was no way near as clear as a headset provides it, even if the speaker system was £200+. I'm new to headphones so do not have much knowledge about them but what I can say is that any will work really well as long as it's 5.1 or 7.1. I currently use Razer Tiamat 7.1 and they are the BOMB! :-D
  6. Walrus

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    The sound inverts? Do you med switch places between left/right?
  7. Yes, exactly!

    @Thread Thanks for all suggestions? Gonna look into it today
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  8. Walrus

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    I also had that issue, it's fixable though but it will probably come back from time to time
  9. You're a fool if you buy a headset. Headsets are poor quality headphones with a microphone stuck to them. Ignore any "surround sound" bullshit, it's a gimmick. The fact is, despite what anyone here wants to tell you, your ears do all the balancing for you (in terms of conveying position to your brain) with a simple stereo (2 speakers) rather than 7 crappy speakers "ARRANGED TO GIVE YOU THE ADVANTAGE". On top of that, virtually every game made in the last 10 years has virtual surround sound anyway for stereo, which is, if anything, more accurate than 3 speakers clusterfucked in half an inch from your ear.

    Buy a good pair of headphones. Then get a clip-on, stick-on or desktop microphone, which will more than likely be of better quality than the one they put on a headset anyway. If you need any advice on headphones, then I can definitely help.
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  10. I maybe should have made this more clear.
    I already own a decent desktop microphone so I don't really care if the headphones got mic or not since I won
    t really use it.

    I would gladly accept all help I can get! Thanks!
  11. Ok, sure.

    What type of headphones are you looking for? Specifically, do you want ones that keep noise out from the outside, or allow it in.
    Are you looking for ones that go over the top of your ear (around it), or just sit on the ear?
    How portable do you want them to be?
    What's your budget?
    What kind of music (if any) do you listen to?
  12. invisi0n

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  13. I come from an "audiophile" perspective. I've spent probably close to £600 on my current headphone/amplifier/soundcard setup. But amongst people who generally know their music headphones and gaming headphones, the AD700s that invisi0n recommended are probably the best you're going to get which covers both bases. They'll give you great quality (albeit lacking in bass slightly, due to being open and not isolating sound), don't need amping, and the speaker positioning is probably as good as it gets for helping position enemies.

    You CAN get a closed-version (isolates sound, improves bass) of that set of headphones, called the A700s. I would imagine however that it kind of ruins the positional sounding which the open versions give you. Also, if you go up the price range a bit then there's some really nice headphones to be had in terms of audio quality, with close to the positional quality that the AD700s give. I personally use Sennheiser HD650s, but these require an amplifier. Likewise, if you move down the price-range, you'll find more isolating or sit-on-ear headphones, which I personally dislike.

    You don't necessarily need a sound card, but it does help in really bringing the best out of the headphones, especially with regard to soundstage. Where I will disagree with invisi0n is the sound card he recommended. I've had 3 creative sound cards (all X-Fi range), all died on me. I've since moved to an Asus Xonar (I'm using the top end one, but you can pick something like a DX) and I've found that it has already outlasted the previous 3 cards I had.
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  14. Enzura

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  15. VanZ0r

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    Sennehiser 350s here with X-fi card. Not sure you need to spend more than around £150 unless you're a music buff and I bet you won't be able to tell the difference.

    You may not even need a soundcard...current thinking is that the on-board sound on new motherboards is as good/better than a $100 soundcard...and really unless you're into music mixing and the like you'd need to spend like hundreds of pounds more to notice any difference.

    FWIW either the sound in Arma2 is a bit fukked up or it really is absolutely amazing - as the range and direction is never as accurate as I've experienced in other games. It could be that arma2 models reflections and obstacles and the like (which would be cool) but I suspect that would require a lot of coding and cpu time to do it properly - therefore I suspect it's fudged a bit :-( and hence going mad on uber expensive kit isn't going to improve something that's a bit broken anyways.

    I have no problem with positional but range always seems messed up, perhaps someone here knows how 'good' the arma2 sound really is?
  16. I have found that, in my squad, I constantly hear things that no-one else does. I can pick faint gunshots off from huge distances, and we've regularly gotten kills purely from me hearing those things. This also applies to vehicles. It doesn't give me a bit of an advantage with hunting players, it gives me a HUGE advantage. I can reliably pinpoint where a player is from most weapons, and with certain weapons, judge the range, though some weapons make this impossible due to the way the sound fades. STANAG/AK rounds I'm stupidly accurate at, but I really can't judge any of the sniper rounds for range, and my positioning is never as good either.
  17. VanZ0r

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    yes I get the same with the 350s, but that might also be because I have effects up high.
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  18. I got the wireless Logitech G930. It's absolutely wonderful. It even has some built-in buttons for a voice distorter and regular the play/stop. Remappable ofc.
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    haha I've got that as well, setting up the Avermedia was a pain in the ass.
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