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  1. I bet most of you already know this but you can actually attach a logo to you and your clan. While you use this technique you do not actually need to add your clanname next to your name manually. On regular Arma2-servers it shows up on your shoulder & some weapons but I dont think this is applied in DayZ. The really cool thing though, is that the logo shows up on vehicles that your clan is currently using.


    So, what do you need to do in order to get this? It's actually really easy to setup. First of all you need a webspace where you can upload your files. There are loads of free webservices online that I am sure that you could find & use by a simple google-search.

    Now you need 3 files.
    • squad.xml
    • logo.paa
    • squad.dtd
    The squad.xml contains the basic information about your clan. The acronym, the full name, the members and the logo. This is the file you edit when you get new members or kick somebody out of it. All legit members will have your logo attached to their name in the playerlist.
    Create a new textfile using notepad. You edit it and save as a .xml


    <?xml version="1.0"?>​
    <?DOCTYPE squad SYSTEM "squad.dtd"?>​
    <?xml-stylesheet href="squad.xsl?" type="text/xsl"?>​

    <squad nick="CZ">​
    <name>Clan of Zombies</name>​
    <email>[email protected]</email>​

    <member id="00000000" nick="Player 1">​
    <name>Player 1</name>​
    <remark>Duping is for penguins</remark>​

    <member id="00000000" nick="Player 2">​
    <name>Player 2</name>​
    <remark>Once I logged out on a field. Never again</remark>​


    The member id is your PID. You find it in the game on the screen where you edit your characters face (your player profile). Each member must have the corresponding PID and name in the squad.xml in order to be listed as a valid member in the game.

    Simply add another member by copying and inserting another section of:

    <member id="00000000" nick="Player 3">​
    <name>Player 3</name>​
    <remark>Hello there, handsome</remark>​

    The remark is just something funny that pops up when somebody clicks your name in the playerlist!

    I am no xml-wizard but you do not need to edit this file, just create it in notepad and save it as a dtd.


    <!ELEMENT squad (name, email, web?, picture?, title?, member+)>​
    <!ATTLIST squad nick CDATA #REQUIRED>​
    <!ELEMENT member (name, email, icq?, remark?)>​
    <!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT email (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT icq (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT web (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT picture (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)>​
    <!ELEMENT remark (#PCDATA)>​

    And now for the last thing. You need the logo! You can create it in any software of your choice. It needs to be 256x256 pixels big. Save it as a png- or targafile and then use Texview2 to convert it into a .paa-file.

    Link to Texview2: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1563

    Now all you need to do is upload the files to your webspace. Make sure all files are in the same folder in the webspace.

    All your members need to edit their in-game Player profile and set the Squad url to point to your xml-file. Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/folder/squad.xml

    Here's a template you could use: http://www.airpressuretendency.net/gfx/arma_xml_squad_reviewed_for_arma2.zip

    Done! Enjoy.
  2. Jokezter

    Jokezter Scavenger

    Good one ;-) sticky this. :-D
  3. Melkor

    Melkor Lille

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  4. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

    Is it possible to upload it and get it linked without having your own website?
  5. Biffen linked a site you could use
  6. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

    It wasn't working before. Thanks.
  7. Shazman

    Shazman Friendly!!1!1 Leaderboard

    Dropbox works fine with this. Just make sure to put the files into the public folder.
  8. Rip Astley

    Rip Astley Hero

    I heard rumors that you removed squad.xml? Is this true? And for what reason?
  9. They did but they are back now but they removed them because people put youtube links and other random shit in squad URL and it made the server lag more
  10. Rip Astley

    Rip Astley Hero

    I tried it and it isn't working. I know its working because it works on bmrf.
  11. Works for me. not sure what your problem could be.
  12. Rip Astley

    Rip Astley Hero

    Alpha, I'm using dropbox as the hosting site. Its working fine on other non-zombies.nu server. Is that domain being blacklisted here for some reason?
  13. Same here, using dropbox and it's working everywhere else but not on zombies.nu. That's no fun...
  14. Tansien

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    We've disabled all Squad-XML files due to some people being unable to properly format their files, which caused the parser in ArmA2 to bug out and cause srs lag issues on the server.

  15. Alright, thank you for the swift response!
  16. Croc

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    Hey can you back Squad-XML pls?
  17. System

    System Scorched Earth Company [SEC]

    Would be nice to get the squad.xml back. They seemeed to work fine on SE5 like a week ago. Maybe it's possible to block wrongly formatted/corrupted squad.xml links via a script so the server doesn't get laggy by it? I miss the look of this somehow. :p

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  18. M|J

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    They do work tho
  19. Red Pyr4mid

    Red Pyr4mid Shipwrecked

    Any chance of having this working again on next updates?
  20. Boozfob

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