SE2 Was incredibly quiet today :/

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by MrRaiz0r, 2012-12-20.

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  1. Is the server dying down? or is it just because of christmas times ;D

    A little clip of what we experienced in 6 hours of playing on the server.

    Happy Christmas Everybody!
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  2. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    The best part was the beginning and You (whoever shot the winchester guy) ruined it :-(
  3. k1mo

    k1mo Hero

    I think all the players from SE3 and 4 were playing SE2 since those 2 were down for a few days. SE2 has been pretty much dead for a while, maybe more so now but i think that is due to people getting bored of current dayz.
  4. Probably a lot of people quit because the servers are so unstable lately. se3/4 went down twice and se1 was way overcrowded making it unplayable at times.
  5. My theory is that people quit due to a combination of those microlags that come now and then and that it's christmas times atm.
  6. and the winchester guy who was me btw who shot MrRaiz0r at berezino who was so kind to log off after beeing shot at. anyway i killed his dummy... the same guy is posting such BS and is wondering y the server seems dead... shame on u
  7. I am never recording while being in the major towns because I know they are death traps. You killed me with a winchester when I had a doublebarred shotgun....good freaking job.
    Only time I am in Elektro, Cherno or Berezino is when I just got killed.
  8. it's not about getting killed it's about LOGGING OFF when getting killed...
  9. Kinda douchy move there with the bicycle guy..
  10. SSG Vasa

    SSG Vasa The Justicar

  11. PlanetFlex

    PlanetFlex Shipwrecked

    I don't really get why people drop their guns, its like just shoot them and die or w/e. Not like dying is a big deal anyway
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  12. k1mo

    k1mo Hero

    Because maybe they might just be allowed to take their gun and move on, once you die, you gotta spawn again (could be a really shit spawn) and you might want to meet up with friends that are close. Basically dying is a pain in the ass and if abit of "role play" will avoid it then why not?
  13. I didn't logoff, I relogged just when you killed me and that sometimes causes the body to disappear...Do you think I cared for my Doublebarred shotgun? :-D
  14. Even though he said quote: "Kill me already..." and that's what I did, if he would have atleast joked around about it I wouldn't have shot him but he was just sooo boring.
  15. Yea that's the thing the guy didn't RolePlay at all...he just said "Kill me already..." we weren't going to kill him in the first place.
  16. Doggee

    Doggee Shipwrecked

    Too bad you didn't record when i killed all three of you in the tin shack with my rpk ;-)
  17. Haha yea that was amazing!! Won't forget that
  18. of course not hahahahahaha if that was not the plan then y shoot me? because i said so? lame excuse. i did not roleplay caus i knew u would kill me anyway so i took u the fun of doing it :)
    and yeah u relogged cool story bro u just did not want me having basic stuff for free ;-)
  19. Yea you believe whatever...
  20. matter of fact
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