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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by deetee, 2012-09-05.

  1. deetee

    deetee Hero

    Tansien just made us a fineass admin tool, to catch cheaters ingame. Its a very nice tool to be sure of cheating before banning anyone. Sometimes, its just great for making random videos of unknowing ppl.

    I present to you: Gaken

    What a lovely fellaw!
  2. Gaken, youre my hero, i was cheering for you!

    But now i feel watched...
  3. deetee

    deetee Hero

    You are supposed to feel watched - its basically to show that we are tracking cheaters, and that we can differenciate between ordinary players and hackers.

    Dont worry, its not beeing used for foul stuff - after all, we are [RM]!
  4. Hahaha the guy in the clip, what a fucking hero!
  5. Red

    Red Hero

    Wow, that's some seriously cool stuff :) But.. "Us?" "We?" As in someone other than Tansien has access to this?
  6. Yes, mr super admin, real man, deetee!
  7. Red

    Red Hero

    But he's in a clan that we're up against every day. Tansien can watch me 24/7 if he wants, but admin or no admin, "real man" or not, I can't help but feel uncomfortable with an axeman having access to this...
  8. deetee

    deetee Hero

    Well, its not beeing abused - and it will never be. If you trust that or not is up to you. But beeing 30+ years I know that cheating in a game will ruin it, so I wont - neither will I tell other guildies about placements etc.

    I allready have full access to the database, since I am developing tools for further DayZ and SE 9 development, so its not like I can do more stuff with this. Im sorry you feel cheated, but I can ensure you that you have nothing to worry about.
  9. I trust you deetee... To take an M14 bullet to the face! ... And not knowing when its coming ;-)
  10. Red

    Red Hero

    It's nothing personal, deetee, you seem like a good guy (for a Norwegian :p). I don't know you, so I can't really make the decision whether to trust you or not. All I know is that in DayZ you and your friends are trying to kill me. You're leaving yourself open to a lot of speculation whenever anyone has even a remotely suspicious encounter with [axe].

    So.. Who's watching the watchmen? ;-)
  11. This is not a democracy ;-) 1984!
  12. deetee

    deetee Hero

    Yeah, I totally get where you are coming from Red - I would have had trust issues about it too. Its basically meant to take a load off Tansiens shoulders. He's been working so hard with all the scripting etc, that he really doesnt have the time to take action against all the hackers. So I pledged to help him with that. Developing some tools, kicking some hackers, keeping up with the server status. I even dont play that much anymore - all these scriptkiddies is a full time job to handle :-D

    I just want the server to be the best, and the experience from playing on SE9/SE10 to be as good as it can be for every player.

    If you want to know me better to trust me.

    My name is Dag Thomas Olsen, I live in Moss, Norway. I am 31 years of age, love playing games, vaska champagne and electronics. I work as a software engineer at a local IT firm, have a gf, 3 cats and a 100m2 flat.

    If you google my name, or my nicks you will find alot of softcore gayish pictures, but I ensure you - I dont roll that way.

    I look like this ( on a good day )
  13. [MG] Vidar

    [MG] Vidar Lawmaker

    Well, I'll trust you for now on this.. damn script kiddies are ruining the game and I've just about quit playing by now. If you can keep SE9 clean and with fair game, I'm OK with this.

    The only thing I think is a bit of a risk is the potential for abuse, even unknowing.. say you spot a guy with great gear near your location, what do you do? Just turn the other way and run?

    I just think it might be hard to not act on the information, even subconsciously. Also I don't trust people who waste champagne. ;-)
  14. I only trust people who "vaskar" champagne. Stureplan belongs to N.W.A as well.
  15. deetee

    deetee Hero

    I cant switch into this mode whenever I want. I cant play, then switch to follow mode and switch back.

    I have to enter the server, login with admin and enter spectator mode. If I want out if this, I have to quit the server, spend the next 20 mins connecting again then join the game.

    Its not something that can be used while you are playing ordinary. If we still had the inventory showing on chars, you would ultimately see that I rarely have and kickass gear :-D I die, alot ^^
  16. [MG] Vidar

    [MG] Vidar Lawmaker

    deetee: And you can't talk to your mates on teamspeak while spectating? :p

    Krejjsi: lol
  17. deetee

    deetee Hero

    I can talk to my mates while spectating, yes - But I would never do that. As have I stated to them.
  18. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    deetee is a really good guy who's done alot for this server, and i know he won't abuse the admin tools. O:)

    If you're worried, you can always see when me and deetee is in spectator mode as we're tagged as *admin* in the playerlist.
  19. Now ill be all paranoid checking playerlist every other step, afraid to pick my nose in front of deetee...
    Joke aside, i think its great in order to keep the server clean. Please spec alt+f4s and let terror rain on their asses ;-)
  20. Deetee, link us the picture with the xmas lights!!

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