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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Jayke, 2012-12-08.

  1. Jayke

    Jayke Scavenger

    Want to run Arma at a high'ish setting with a comfortable amount of FPS, I have a really shitty card at the minute which is letting me down tremendously. My CPU is ok, running at 3.7GHz stock (AMD Bulldozer FX 4100) which will do for now, 4GB Ram planning to upgrade to 8GB HyperBlue or equivalent. I will be buying a 600-650 watt PSU which ever is needed.

    Now I do not have a strict budget I will spend what is needed as long as it's not a huge overkill, looking for recommendations not flaming. All help is much appreciated and will be return'ed with fresh Dominoes Cookies..

  2. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    if it helps you anyhow, I'm using Geforce GTX 670, the game runs smoothly, the only thing I can do to increase my FPS now is overclock my CPU, since GPU does it's job.
    I'm usually at 40(intown)-60(outside) FPS.
  3. Jayke

    Jayke Scavenger

    I was thinking about a new AMD HD model as my build is basically all AMD, makes sense to stick with it...
  4. pSYKED

    pSYKED Hero

    Im running a Phenom x6 1055t clocked to 3,7ghz with Dual 6950 total 4096 mb vram.
    40fps inside towns and 60-80 fps outside.

    40 Fps makes the game barely playable, running arma at a constant 120fps with the same map without dayz...
  5. Jayke

    Jayke Scavenger

    Wow such high specs yet such low FPS, I am guessing you are playing on Very High, the poor optimization makes it almost impossible to play comforatbly on VH, all I want is to play on full res maybe medium-high graphics does not bother me I just want smooth gameplay.
  6. emilg

    emilg Scavenger

    The thing with arma2 is that it's very poorly "made" if i can say that, it's like gta 4 on PC.

    It doesn't matter what kind of cpu/gpu you have because there's no way to utilize it, but I think u should get some good for the dayz standalone.

    I think that a gtx 670 or newer is worth getting at this time, it will run (all) games perfectly and it will hold for a few years, maybe 3-5?
  7. Jayke

    Jayke Scavenger

    I know this dude and I hope that standalone will focus on optimization howver I am wanting to stick with AMD as it has not let me down. I have a few cards in mind I just want recommendations around the £200 <> mark.
  8. FX 6300 + gts 450, 60+fps outside the big cities with everything but postprocess maxed out.
  9. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

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