An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. Last night at 20-22:00 CET, there was a 4-5 man team @ NE airfield, we had a intense fire fight over the chopper while hovering with our own above, finally with some reinforcements we managed to win the firefight. Would like to hear your experiences about it. Think your names was Colo, TheWizard and Sl33per. Get in touch.
  2. Danno

    Danno Scavenger Leaderboard

    The guy that we caught armed with a Makarov and 4 rounds left in it in the South Firestation in Elektro. We took you hostage and forced you to go to church and recite some text from the bible. Once that was done.. you were let go. I hope you are doing okey and that you have started to belive in god.

    To bad we didn't record it XD
  3. The other day, we saw a guy in a ghillie on a bicycle. The moment he saw us, he jumped off and opened fire with his M107. He got my friend Blight so I ran like a little girl, but my man Fooshi ran at him, whilst the M107 guy carried on firing at me whilst I zig-zagged away. Fooshi killed him. Didn't get the guy's name. It was just near the power lines and road that are on the other side of the woods which the power lines go through, west of Altar Mountain/Hill.

    After this, I took the M107, and started running towards a crashed heli we saw. Within about 30 seconds of leaving that body, a bus came over the hill with 5 NWA guys in it. We were pretty exposed, Fooshi was injured as well. I took what cover I could find but they started flanking us, and Fooshi got his leg broken. I managed to take down one guy at 600m whilst he was running across me, using the M107, but after that Fooshi went down, and then inevitably, I went down. Decent enough fight, however short it was. Had we had the 3 of us and a better position, we might have been able to take down more than 1, but we knew we were going down. I was going to try and put some 50cal rounds into the bus but I couldn't get a safe angle on it. My ingame name is Ricky.

    So basically, wondering who the first guy we killed was, and wondering if that was the entirety of NWA we encountered, or if there's more than 5 of you. Hiding bodies when it's just a couple of guys (rather than another clan) isn't really cool though.
  4. Two guys on se 10 from different clans we hunt down this morning at 07:00 gmt around north barracks at nwa. Esspecially the ghillie guy inside barrack, please dont hate us for the grenade from the M16A2-M203 making you deaf and possibly unconcious and then my finishing M4A1 shots in the process. We could have acted friendly if you wouldnt start the fire.
    Same thing counts for the second guy which appeared around the industrial buildings and also ends up failing.

    The third guy we found 20 minutes later at the south sniper hill alt-f4s after one of us shot him many times in the head. He appears to be dead but his body is gone, his name was something like Micke.
  5. joeymofo

    joeymofo Survivor

    Who's ATV did i just steal from NE airfield on SE 9 ? You left me with a broken leg and 60 blood after i bandaged! Wow! Nice one thanks for the quad.

    edit - really bad timing with the server restart... i wonder if i still have it? haha
  6. The guy named Christian we shot this night on se 10 at around 04:00 gmt. We tried to save you afterwards by bandaging, but you passed out and died because of low blood. We felt really sorry after you died :-(, you sounded like a friendly guy after all.
    What were you doing btw in the middle of nowhere on your own ?
  7. @Trickster

    We saw a guy on the bicycle so we started to shoot him, but he went away, so we continued, we saw you and a guy at the heli crash, so we started to rain hell on you.

    That was the full NWA, i think we were 6 ppl in total if not 7.
  8. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    Who shot me with an AK behind elektros power station on the hill....i was specin on the hill shooter came just under the mountain and opened fire..dafuuuuq
  9. KebbZ

    KebbZ Shipwrecked

    Who shot me + a military camoguy by berezino between the apartments and military camp just now? We were trying to help the dying dudes out...
  10. Janith

    Janith Shipwrecked

    That might've been me if it was at the top floor of the apartment? A ghillied guy killed me up there, then I got a lucky spawn in khelm, ran for the miltents, got an M14 aim, ran back up there and killed three guys.

    If you were merely helping the ghillied guy out, I am sorry for killing you, but he had to die. It was a revenge that had to be carried out. :p
  11. KebbZ

    KebbZ Shipwrecked

    No ghillie-guy there, we were on the grass, by the houses on the backyard helping 2 random dudes who were stomped by zombies, and no one had a ghillie :eek: Then i just heard a shotgun and 2 of us was dead, then 2 other died while i was running back. And now some AK guy just swiped 4 of us...
  12. Kreps

    Kreps Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    4 people at Stary sobor at 21:55 right before the reset. I killed three of you from the big industrial building overlooking the tents with an m4, i never catched your names tho. And i never got to loot you beacuse of the reset. :

    Who were you?

    Edit: SE10
  13. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor

    Who killed me in Krasnostav? You had an AK. You might wonder why I was knocked out.. It was the tree, as soon as I saw you I proned into the tree and the bastard knocked me out..

  14. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    Who took me down just now at the barracks in the middle of the airfield ?
    ffs i shooted 2 rounds to the head with winchester but still took me down with ur m4...wtff
  15. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    Who were the other 4 guys in Solnichny? :-D
    The choosen one was the guy with the cz550. Then we had our 2 Hatchet guys who were trying to kill the choosen one. And me and another one was just running behind them until a zombie broke my legs :-D
  16. Pberg

    Pberg Hero

    And you didn't die? I hit you atleast 3 times with the DMR. Too bad you couldn't loot us cus we had all the good stuff. :)
  17. ImoK

    ImoK Murderer

    Who shot me in the factory house at NW airfield right below the high barracks value about 3:20 AM at night? I was in ghillie suit waiting you out, saw an opportunity to shoot aaaand then:

    A zombie bugged and knocked me unconscious through the wall. This game is amazing at some times ^^
  18. ollie

    ollie Secret Agent Leaderboard

    Hahaha, I believe this was my friend Hartan.. He told us in mumble that he saw a guy running towards him in the woods, he thought you tried to hide behind it so when he ran closer he saw you passed out and shot you. Oh you, silly tree ;-)
  19. Grix

    Grix Guest

    To the ghillie suit shithead that killed me two times in a row with no gear at solnichy factory, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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