An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. Petroshek

    Petroshek Scavenger

    Berezino, do you mean when I killed u at the bus I stole? :-D
    I just came back to the bus and saw ppl runing in the woods, so I took a sniper-pos and there were 4 (?) of u at the bus, I was like a child at christmas :-D
    Was almost 100% certain ur last person who came late saw me, so I changed pos and killed him 2 :p

    Wasn't a fair-fight though, my position was awesome for that fight :)

    If I hadn't paid attention you would've killed me so easily at the bus :p
  2. I was the last person to get killed, CZ & AKM if u remember. Never saw you. I guess ur the one who sniped me at Pulkovo? I guess you were standning near Green Mountain. You got some mad luck bro.
  3. Petroshek

    Petroshek Scavenger

    Then I'm sure as hell lucky, was runing down the hill when I saw you runing in the woods, was really exposed for a while.

    At Pulkavo, was that when I had the atv, if u heared it? Or at the heli-crash? I'm so bad at remembering the names of places I kill ppl :p

    Edit: My luck just ran out, had a good meeting with W.K.A. and died. Btw, the bus you had, was it in the woods missing a wheel and some more stuff? If it was, that bus is a starter of really nice gun-fights :p
  4. Zone

    Zone Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Who was the two guys I shot crossing a field heading towards the NW airfield, both of you looked relatively new characters, hit you with a CZ550, one of you had an AKM with no magazines and the other had a shotgun.
    This was on SE10 last night at around 19:50 GMT+0.
    When I approached you to finish you off, you gave me a speech about how much of a bad person I am.
    Oh how I love it :)
  5. Naturel

    Naturel Shipwrecked

    To the group(s) west of zelenorgsk fighting for their lives in the forest. We really enjoyed the fight there, shoutout to the as50 faggot wich logged out cause wet panties and logged in on top of one of us later :>
    So we found 2 corpses, 1 with Mk mod and one with an m107 and a m4a1 holo 2 coyotes and gps and suddenly an silenced shots us, i ran away ( i was the ghillied guy ) and got downed to 4k blood, so we reorganized bloodpacked and went in again. We kinda wanted to flanksurround you when i got penetrated by an as50, 5 shots you needed to hit me while i spray 2 mags with my cco sd and u still shot me. So i died and made my way, meanwhile my friend took 1 of you out and then the as50 guy logged onto him and he took him aswell. Our last guy took the mk mod and hided somewhere to wait for our arrival and to kill your last one eventually. He later heard an DMRish weapon and an as50 fire at each other, both at the same time and both stopped at the same time. Did you kill each other? :-D We got the loot, hided everything and even killed one of the guys that came back to reloot. We decided its better to leave after another geared guy arrived.

    Mad fights, aids and cancer to the alt f4 as50 guy.

  6. eppum

    eppum Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I was running in zelenorgsk when a as50 opened up on me, that was what started the whole thing i think. I was lucky because i had a friend deeper in town who got a flank and took the first as50 out. He got killed looting the body. I was able to get eyes on the bodies from far away when i saw 2 guys, one in ghillie. I started fire like crazy to get some distraction while my frined who died had respawn, found an akm and was close to the forest again. He got in combat again as i was running towards the forest from my position, he died and probably traded lives with the other. I got there before anyone else and looted what i could carry and got the hell out. I left the bodies in case my friend would make it back there before anyone else. He didnt, you killed him.
  7. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    Who killed me yesterday close to Rogovo? I was running towards my body that was waaay north and had nothing but a double-barrel when you popped up and emptied 2-3 AK mags at me. You should remember me cursing :p
  8. Beatbox

    Beatbox Shipwrecked

    Which weapon did you have? Naturel died by an AS50 duel with his CCO. I wonder if you were the guy I saw when I picked up the MK MOD in the forest, I stalked you for a bit but lost track of you and the bodies were left unnoticed.

    Like, what did you get with you when you got out of there? It's kinda interesting 'cause I didn't spot your weapon at all just that you were walking around.

    Was it your friend who were empty geared and said "no no, don't kill me?" since we kinda figured it was one of the previous guys we had to deadcheck him, sorry to your friend ;-)

    Oh BTW; we're on SE10 so hope it's the same storyline here, lmao.
  9. krille

    krille Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I was the guy with the MK MOD and was running around with eppum. I killed one guy that had an as50, then after looting him another dude came out from nowhere and we had a duel and i died. I think i got a bullet in him but he survived. After i died i started running back and on the way i got hold of an AKM. I told eppum to start firing towards the guys at the edge of the forest across the field to distract them while i was sneaking up on them. I saw a guy in hero skin and one in ghillie running around when suddenly they started firing at something, the dude with ghillie got fuckt and died. After that i was just sneaking around and took some pop shoots at the dude with hero skin but he did not die. After maybe 3-5 min i saw a guy with m14 running around, i waited until he stood still and then killed him. I was low on ammo with my AKM so i looted the guy with m14 and then waited for eppum to make his way to the forest. We knew that there was one guy left so we where taking it slow and easy. We had not spotted etchoter yet but eppum told me he was looting some biddies and we thought that i maybe a god time to get out of there. So i ran towards some bodies and saw someone looting them, "eppum is that you" i asked i ventrilo and got a response "dont know maybe, im lying completely still now" but it was to late, it was the motherfucker with hero skin and he had spotted me, so he oppend up with an as50 and i with my m14 but i died, I think he died aswell (at least i hope he did). After that i was out of the game and had to respawn like 10 times befor i got a good spawn in kamenka and stared running back. When i got back i saw 3 guys sneaking around in the forest, i got past you guys and looked for the bodies but they where gone, after that i started following you in hope i could loot someones backpack or something but you spotted me and shoot me while i was begging for my life.
  10. Naturel

    Naturel Shipwrecked

    wow you really killed each other :-D
    my friend ( with the hero skin ) doesnt have an as50, so there must have been another one..but i didnt see a hero skin body
  11. eppum

    eppum Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I had an M4A1 CCO, i came around to the bodies maybe 10 minutes after the last shots was fired. Got an as50, gps. I was worried about more guys watching the bodies so i looted as fast as possible and fucked out. Yes that was my friend.
  12. MaloW

    MaloW Shipwrecked

    Haha it was me with the M14, the guy with the AS50 who logged on us had just logged back in right next to me there, so with my dying breath while u were killing me I managed to kill him I think.
    It was so funny cuz when we came back to loot it was all empty and all loot was still there, so you guys must've killed eachother yea xD
  13. krille

    krille Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    haha i saw that you started shooting almost at the same time i shoot you, i thought that you where just firing in panic after getting shoot at from me :) .
  14. Beatbox

    Beatbox Shipwrecked

    Yeah I heard you, sorry about that bro but we couldn't take any risks figuring you were stalking us while your buddies were gonna hit us up with high caliber weapons. I normaly don't kill people that are "noob geared" and friendly but I guess you would've done the same to me bro :)
  15. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    Who shot me in Sosnovka when i wanted to try the Traktor out? At SE9 :-(
  16. I dont know, but we heard it blow up just after leaving it ;-)
  17. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    I think it was a silenced weapon.
    i survived Berezino, survived 3 times the NEA, survived around 2 hours at the NWA, then i choose to run south through vybor and then this guy killed me at Sosnovka t_t
    edit: Tho it was my fault, firt time i was not carefull and i die zZZz
  18. Today somewhere between 20.30 and 21.30 i believe, SE10, NWAF, a nice heli had spawned at the northern side of the field. Me and a friend went there and saw the heli, shat our pants and saw some guy moving in, we fired at his ass only to get our asses filled with lid by some sniper just a few metres from our spot. Lol.
  19. muminmuffin

    muminmuffin Shipwrecked

    yes zig zagging is the biggest chance of survival :p
  20. To the ghillie-suited sniper and his mate east from Stary Sobor, few minutes from GTM +2 midnight- I saw you coming to that forest east from Stary from the south through the open, but I figured you'd have left the area by the time I had reached the northern side to stalk you. Moments later I died to a single well-placed shot while I was scanning the surroundings south from me next to a small fence. Enjoy that LS85, I never liked it anyway :p

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