An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. hnke

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  3. rscl

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    hahaha great shit :-D
  4. Dont forget about this one. :p

    (Video ios not from me, takes some time to start)
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  5. Wigguli

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    You guys who had chopper and a truck looting a helicrash near Gorka, GOOD FITE! Okay not really, sort of a dick move for me to shoot one of you like 1min before restart but I had been waiting for about 40mins there to see some action. And you were so damn numerous that I did not have the courage to take you all on at close. Specially since I only had MP5SD CCO for close combat!
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  6. :-D:-D
    Eshakandar gave Ferdl a bloodbag and right after he finished you shot at him.
    He thought someone of us was joking with sd ammo, and i told him they must have crashed in each other or the Mi, there wastn a shot.
    10 seconds later, he was dead. :-D
    How far away were you and with what did you shot?
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  7. Wigguli

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    Haha, yeah you guys did look fairly confused :-D I was about 700 meters away, a bit more than that, had rangefinders so it was easy to get the first shot to hit, too bad I missed headshot, the bullet drop was way more than I anticipated on that extra range. And I shot with a M24.
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  8. Croc

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    Replika and someone. How did You survive collision with Antonov?
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  9. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Still fun to find and kill the last guy on the server :) It took a while even with the chopper but we found him in a heli crash close to petrovka :) RIP

  10. Ramsby

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    so evul, poor guy getting hunted by a chopper and "we" :-(
  11. Thats the kind of thing that keeps the servers empty lol
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  12. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Nahhh im sure he enjoyed the action since he took alot of shots to the chopper like we did to him (we empty all the magazines at the tree he was behind and still he survived that). The ammo from the chopper was ended and he forced us to land close by and thats how we (me and one more guy) got him. It wasnt mean to be an insult of course but a funny sight of the pose of his body :) It was only 3 ppl on including us searching for him for 2 hours and btw this is not the reason that dayzero doesnt has any players. Pretty sure most of the ppl here know that im not a dickhead who brags in the forums for a kill m8's...
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  13. Ramsby

    Ramsby THIVES OF KAMENKA Leaderboard

    I dont think servers are empty cause of things like that, from my perspective the mod has not evolved so much from the last time i played 4years ago. New games comes out with new features and without any major updates/changes the mod will slowly loose players cause they want more. With that said this mod has its core members, we just need to get in there and play ;-)
  14. papsh

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    Some of the reasons is this yeah but new updates wont bring people back. Maybe for a month or something and then it will be empty again. I think the main reason is the frustration of dying and running to the north and the strictly ''only PVP'' system in dayzero.
    People stop playing cause they cant be arsed run up north all the time , especially the new players. Old players usually ragequit couple of times and then stop playing. We had around 600 new whitelisted players who totally vanished after 2 weeks. They run up , they got wiped sometimes and then they stopped completely cause they cant handle and beat some of the squads here.
    Imagine to want to try a mod cause you heard some good things about it and when you go to the north you get get raped 99% of the times.
    Only PVP is also a problem cause players join to kill players and when population start to drop day by day players aint joining cause there is no players to kill...
    In vanilla servers people are playing PVE also and thats why they have some stable population.
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  15. papsh

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    Inactivity of Tansien is also an issue. Since he is inactive , he could give more powers to Nuclear Admiral so he can actually do something with DayZero since he is active, trusty and he wants to do things... I cant imagine any better guy for this position at the moment.
  16. Could just also be bad time for people in general. Im just starting my prograd so im quite sour that i dont have time for much else....
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  17. I think this is overlooked by most people. The last pop increase was around Christmas time were obviously the majority of people have time off work or study. Maybe we will see more players in Easter, maybe not... Best hope for long term Dayzero is when SA is in alpha and can be modded. But who knows when that will be, and how good the game will turn out...
  18. I try to squeche in as much play time as possible but i reckon that Day0 will be about 6h/month...i know its still the best 6h i have gaming when it gets just right
  19. papsh

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    so much death between stary and kab today...
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  20. i think ferdl deserves an award after tonight. Iron man running
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